Monday, December 14, 2015

A Favorite Christmas Memory

This is a photo of my big sister and me. I remember this day because the department store had an outside area with reindeer in pens. I could not believe that reindeer were actually real animals!

But this is not the favorite Christmas memory I wanted to share with you today.

My father mustered out of the army in September of 1945, when he returned from duty in Naples, Italy in WWII. He headed home to Pennsylvania to see his parents, and then headed south to marry his Florida girl. No time or funds for an engagement ring...just wedding bands. They were married on December 8. The next day they boarded the train headed to Washington, D.C to start their new life together. 

Then came kids, a house, cars, tuitions...all the expenses of life. 

Twenty years flew past, and one Christmas morning, when I was in high school, my father told my mother her present was on the Christmas tree. 

She searched and searched, and finally found it...a beautiful diamond ring hanging from a red ribbon....her engagement ring.

It's fifty years old this Christmas. It's band has thinned from years of wear, and my wonderful parents 
have passed on. But everyday they are with my heart...and on my hand. I have only to glance at my hand, at the ring I now wear with my own engagement ring and wedding band. Everyday, I remember my favorite Christmas memory.

I hope you will share a special Christmas memory with me.

Enjoy the day...and this wonderful time of the year!


  1. Hi Robyn,
    What a wonderful story!!! How wonderful for you to have this precious memory and special ring!! Just beautiful!!!
    I have not thought of this in a very long time, but your story prompted me to think back to an early Christmas when I was 10 or eleven! I was always singing and desperately wanted a guitar! We did not have much money, and with 5 other siblings, I was very doubtful that I would get one!! Christmas came and there was no guitar under the tree! The disappointment was terrible but just as I was resigning myself that I knew we could not afford it, my parents told me to look in the hall and THERE IT WAS......MY GUITAR!! I was so happy I cried!! It came with a record telling you where to put your fingers, how to tune it and so on!! My first song was LITTLE BROWN JUG, and I'm sure I drove everyone crazy with my constant strumming, but I was overjoyed!! I played for many years, wrote lots of songs, and treasure the memories of that amazing gift!! Fa la la la la, la la, la la!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend!!
    Christmas Hugs~

  2. beautiful post my sweet friend ~ thank you for sharing your precious memory with us all!

  3. What a beautiful Christmas memory of the love your parents shared. :)

    My favorite Christmas memory ~ I was between 4 + 5 we were staying with my grandparents. My grandmother meant the world to me and I to her. I could not believe my eyes as I walked down the stairs and saw the most beautiful kitchen set, it included everything you would want or need in a real kitchen.
    A Christmas I will never forget!
    Thank you for sharing your special memory and letting me reflex on mine. xoxo

  4. Hi Robyn, I love the sweet picture of you and your Sister, so cute. Also such a wonderful memory, I really like to hear stories like that.Hugs Francine.

  5. What a beautiful story. Even better that you now have the ring to treasure.
    Hugs :)

  6. Robyn, I wear my mother's wedding band as well as my father's. My daughter wears the diamond. I prefer rubies!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and make more lovely memories!

  7. I was 6 my mother was at the hospital in labor with my sister. We were at my grandparents when dad shows up to ask us if we wanted to go home or wait for Santa at my grandparents. I thought for sure Santa would not know I was at my grandparents so I insisted we go home.(about 5 miles down the road)

  8. Two precious little girls... a lovely cherished Christmas memory...that is what Christmas is all about...the love we have for one another...Thank you for sharing...

  9. What a wonderful Christmas memory. My Christmas memory was when my dad was driving to our grammas house (his mom). Grampa had already passed on and we spent every Christmas with her. Well this one night a snowbank was in our way. My dad backed up the car a bit and tried to ram through it, only to get stuck. We had to walk about a `1/4 mile to the farmhouse, dad called a tow truck and we walked back to the car. Spent the night at my other grammas who lived 20 minutes away and drove back the next day when the road was plowed. Janice

  10. What a beautiful photo of you and your sister and a very beautiful Christmas memory.
    My Christmas memories was of my mom baking up a storm for family and visitor. There were cakes, pies and cookies and special meat pies for the holidays. Everyone went to midnight mass and came home to a Reveillon. A big pot of hot rabbit stew to warm us up and I remember New Year's Eve also being celebrated with family and friends. It was so exciting to us kids.

    We didn't expect much but the girls got dolls and the boy usually got cap guns.

    Thanks for sharing your sweet memories of Christmas past.

    Stay well and safe.

  11. What a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a beautiful loving memory of a Christmas past and of your parents.

  13. Thank you for sharing's a beautiful memory.

  14. This evokes so many Christmas memories for me. But one simple yet a special one was when I was 4 1/2, sitting with mother wrapping Christmas presents, listening to Christmas music while it was snowing outside. It just brings back those magical warm memories you can only have at that age anticipating that Special Day. Nothing spectacular but I will always hold it dear to my heart.

    Merry Christmas Robyn and Annie

    Peace to All,

  15. What a wonderful story! So special! I'm afraid I'm drawing a blank for Christmas memories. Ah, well, there was the year we all went to cut a Christmas tree down. We went to a new-to-us farm and found this wonderful, albeit huge tree. Cut it down, then found out this particular farm didn't have the usual bailers. We ended up tying the tree to the roof of our minivan as it was and driving home (probably 45 minutes away). The tree was dangling on either side of the car, and protuding over the front and back too. All the way home, we got amused looks and honks from other cars, also people taking pics of our car as we drove along. We took a pic ourselves when we got home, before we took the tree off the car. What a tree that was! Took up half of the livingroom too! lol!