Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy President's Day!

It's been a long while since I've posted...or visited. does keep us busy. Hope this President's Day finds you all well and stitching, hooking or punching something fun. I have been working on a few things...already thinking Autumn here at the House of Mugwump.

We made a trip to Tallahassee last month and found a state park that we had not visited before on our many trips to our capital city. Maclay Gardens was the"springtime" home of the Maclay family. Mr. Maclay was a fan of camellias and developed many new types of these gorgeous flowers.

They were a bit beyond their prime...but so beautiful...

and so large! All types and was a feast for the the middle of January.

The house is a perfect house. Painted salmon with green shutters and door, as stipulated by the owner when donated to the state. It's lovely.

The surrounding grounds are lovely, as well. We are always pleased when we find an accessible park. Many places have conformed to this law, but in state and national parks it's tricky. Some of the park is law...but not all of it. Annie loves when we are all outside together. We have a flower press and collected a few camellias off the ground to press...unfortunately, they didn't make it home. Next time we will pack our press for the trip!

Love this bronze peacock!

That's a beautiful lake in the background.

We always enjoy getting out in nature and the weather was gorgeous. That's a live oak with the famous Southern adornment "Spanish Moss". You see this moss all over Florida and much of the South. It is sometimes referred to as the "beard of the conquistadors"... the early explorers of the state. It is very invasive when it grows in a tree and is not really good for the tree, but it is something many people find charming.

Hope you all are enjoying some nice weather. Our front yard was covered with robins a few days ago. Actually, our entire street was covered with robins. Annie and I had so much fun watching them dart about and even enjoy a shower under our neighbor's sprinkler. Love robins!

Hope to be back in the loop soon. 

Enjoy the day,


  1. Hi Robyn,
    Lovely to see a post from you, my friend! Happy President's Day to you, as well! Your red ware plate is beautiful and Maclay Gardens is just gorgeous!! Great photo of Annie, too!! So nice you had such a good trip to another beautiful location in Florida! I remember seeing the Spanish Moss all over trees when I lived there and it is such an amazing sight!
    Glad to hear you are busy creating some new things and hope you enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs to you and Annie~

  2. Robyn ~
    So good to hear from you :) It sounds like you had a fun trip to Tallahassee and Maclay Gardens looks like an amazing place to visit. Great pics of Annie and hubby, too.
    Happy Presidents' Day :)

  3. What a tree! Looks to be a lovely place to visit. Glad Annie enjoyed it.

  4. so nice to see you post! great pictures such a lovely walk. Looks like Annie was enjoying herself.

  5. It always pleases me to read on of your post and I thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    That mossy tree looks spectacular. Annie looks very happy to have pose with the beautiful shaped hedges in the background. 'm glads you've discovered that beautiful place.


  6. So nice to see some flower pics. Too soon up here in Michigan for Spring flowers, but we did have a rather unseasonably warm weekend. Love seeing the Southern oaks with the Spanish moss. My aunt in Georgia had these on her property. Most are gone now after the tornado swept through last month. Hope you have a great week.Am working on bunnies and chicks for Easter. Janice

  7. What a beautiful place! It looks warm too. Our mockingbirds chase away the poor robins.
    Its nice to see what you have been doing. Have a lovely week.

  8. Always a joy to see what you're up to. It feels like Spring in Wisconsin.

  9. So nice to read a blog post from you and see the lovely photos of you and your family out enjoying life!

  10. I'm always so thrilled to see a post! Love all of the photos - especially the first one. All of my favorite things! Is that a Shooner Eagle?! Be still my heart!
    Blessings, Patti

  11. Lovely to see a post from you! That looks like a lovely place to visit. Glad you all are able to share wonderful times together.

  12. Robin, I love over here in Gainesville, Florida and I enjoyed your trip to the state park near Tallahassee. That would only be a two hour drive from where I live and I must get out there for a visit! Thanks for sharing ! The Robins were busy in our yard last week too. I love it when they visit each year during their migrations.