Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Randomness...early summer

Shooner redware bank

Hello friends...hope these early days of summer are treating you well.

Summer, to me, always comes with a reading list. And it seems this year Annie and I share a common subject...Colonial America/ the American Revolution.

We are planning a trip later this year and, as preparation, Annie and I are reading/learning all we can about the early days of America.

Having traveled to historic towns like Philadelphia, Alexandria, Boston, Concord and Lexington, Annie knows a good bit of our country's history. She can tell you why her mother's home state of Virginia is called "the mother of presidents" (eight of them born there...the most of any state) and name the big ones...like Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. 

 Annie has been fortunate to visit Valley Forge, Mount Vernon, Independence Hall and the home of Betsy Ross among other sites of historical importance. I always try to prepare her before our visits so she will know what she is seeing so she can enjoy it, and not be overwhelmed or bored.

I never know how much Annie retains from our visits so I was absolutely over the moon when we found the Eyewitness book above in Barnes and Noble. Paging through it we saw lots of familiar sights from our visit to Philadelphia a few years ago. Annie proceeded to tell me all about the pictures we were looking at and telling me things like, "This is Independence Hall in Philadelphia." I was one proud mama...and teacher! Even better, Annie was so proud of herself. 

So...we are brushing up on our history for our next adventure. 

I am reading 1776. David McCullough is a wonderful writer and I am loving every word. In my opinion it should be required reading for every American...especially these days. Patriots like these, I fear we have seen the last of their breed. 

The coasters in the photo are pics of our trip to Philadelphia and are a wonderful way to preserve memories and see them every day. Made them with Shutterfly.


For those of you who are stitchers, I wanted to share with you this great tray made by Lori and Peter Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm fame. This handy tray attaches to the arm of your chair and holds all things necessary for your stitching pleasure.

I am a chronic needle loser! This tray comes with a magnet attached to it. I added my favorite needleminder and it works like a charm. All my sewing goodies in one place...love it!
Great little helper this talented team came up with!

Sadly. I have not made any progress on my Karen Kahle rug. I've have been doing some seasonal stitching for the fall. Mostly I have been spending time with my girl...in addition to our Colonial studies, we have a few art projects going. Never enough time. 

Take good care everybody! The Fourth of July will be here momentarily!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Such a fun post! Good for Annie for all of her knowledge. She probably knows more than I do! How fun that you two can study together. I have not had the opportunity to visit historical sites as you have. Would love to tho. Love the coaster idea. Never enough hours in a day for me either. Lori and Peter sure are a good team. I didn't order a try but I think they are neat. Enjoy your day, Lori

  2. How great that Annie shares your love of history.
    It is hard to believe that it is already the middle of June. Time is flying by.
    BTW...there are also 8 presidents from Ohio :)This was copied from the internet. "The only other state that can claim that many presidents is Virginia, and Virginia and Ohio like to bicker back and forth over which one owns the nickname, The Mother of Presidents."
    Hugs :)

    1. William Henry Harrison was born in Virginia but later moved to Ohio. I was stating those presidents born in that state of Virginia. Robyn

  3. What a fun trip for sure. I love that book 1776 You comment made me sad because in my heart I have thought the same things many times lately.
    I am a needle looser too. I thought those trays looked so nice. Your books are lovely. Enjoy your summer with Annie. It sounds wonderful,

  4. thrilled to know you are happy with your tray my friend!!!
    Lori and Peter!

  5. Yay for Annie knowing her stuff!! Hope you have fun on your trip and be sure to show us pics. I love all things history and have been to Mount Vernon and Boston myself. Janice

  6. I think it's super that you and Annie both love history and what a joy it must be for Annie to recognize the places in the books when she goes to these special places.

    You make a great team.
    Have fun on your next adventure into history.
    Smiles & hugs.

  7. Hooray for history, especially American history and the revolution! I bet you and Annie are excited for your trip!