Monday, December 11, 2017

Amelia Island....brrrrrr

Good it's cold outside! 

Still having issues with my camera. We were in Amelia Island last week and my pics from the trip are not to my liking. They are fuzzy and I don't know why.

It was very cold in Amelia Island...cold for Florida. It was rainy and windy so we stayed in the hotel and visited with friends, read books and drank tea by the fireplace. 

On Saturday, before heading home, we went to the Dickens Stroll in Fernandina Beach which is on the island and just below Georgia. It was in the low forties and rainy so we bundled up and joined the fun.

Fernandina Beach is a wonderful little town that began as a vacation destination for northerners in the late 1880's. There are many Victorian mansions that have been restored and are beautiful...especially at Christmas. The downtown is full of old brick buildings that are now funky, fun stores. It is very similar to Franklin, Tennessee or Thomasville, Georgia...quaint and full of new merchants and eateries.

The entire town was decked out for a Dickens Christmas. I didn't take a lot of pics...too busy trying to stay warm and enjoying the sites. There was a dog parade that featured many dogs in various costumes...lots of dogs in their pj's.

The bookstore where I took these pictures was wonderful. The trees and skirts were made entirely of pages from books.

They were wonderful...true works of art. The sales ladies were in Victorian dress, as were many other shopkeepers and of course, strolling carolers.

It was a fun way to spend the morning...but the raw, damp cold...and the rain was wicked. I have so many layers on in this picture...two turtlenecks, a big puffy down vest under the heavy sweater jacket, a wool scarf and gloves. I look a bit "stuffed". When it's cold in Florida it is a damp cold that penetrates your bones! Annie was bundled up and toasty warm. Mr. MW, he has on shorts...and no jacket...he grew up in Connecticut, what can I say?

I'll try to get some Bits of Christmas pics today. I'm trying, Marly...I really am. Our board trip in December always throws me off schedule! See you later in week.

Enjoy the day,

p.s. Annie delivered her gifts to her friends on the Board of Governors last week. This year she gave them a photo of herself with each of them...the photos were magnets I made through Shutterfly. The name tags for each gift were retro flashcards with the name of each recipient. We also tucked a chocolate Santa into each bag. Annie loves sharing Christmas!


  1. Looks like a fun time regardless of the weather. I'm so blessed to live in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with it's quaint stone buildings and it's historic downtown. Christmas is always special here. Look forward to your Holiday Photos

  2. When Florida is cold it's raw. Still looks like fun. I made one of those skits out of book pages for our bookstore window. Lots of work but worth it

  3. Hi Robyn,
    Having lived in Florida, I totally understand about that bone chilling, damp weather!! So happy you had those layers AND Mr. MW to keep you warm!! Those dresses are AMAZING!!! What a fun and creative display!!! Thanks for taking us along on yet another wonderful trip!! I would be just like you, staying by the fire with and chatting with friends!! Those gift bags are sweet and I know each one appreciated their gift from Annie!!
    Sorry about your camera!! Maybe it didn't like the weather, either!! Looking forward to seeing your decorating soon!!
    Christmas Hugs to you and Annie~
    Julie xo

  4. What sweet gifts Annie delivers! Sorry it was so cold for you. I live in PA but I would have been dressed like you, not Mr. MW!!! I love those paper skirts and jackets. The town sounds like a perfect place to stroll through and enjoy.

  5. I have a friend in Daytona who said it snowed there yesterday. Love those book skirts! I think those old schoolhouse flashcards are so fun. Janice

  6. I love the bookstore decorations and the whole area look like Dickens is in town. I feel bad that the weather was so cold and damp for your visit but you still got to see some charming sights.

    The weather patterns have changed everywhere. We have had a very mild December till now and got our first snow storm on Saturday night with 6 inches of heavy snow.

    Wishing you and your beautiful family all the Joy of the season.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Those bookstore decorations are truly wonderful!
    Even though I've lived my entire life in northern Ohio, I would be all bundled up like you. The cold can be bone chilling in Florida.
    What sweet gifts from Annie.
    Christmas blessings to you and your loved ones :)

  8. How lovely and I love the gifts that Annie made, how thoughtful. Our cold in California is just like you describe. Its hard for people to understand when it says 40s on thermometer. Its very cold.
    I love those decorations in that bookstore. I have never seen anything like that before. Have a lovely week.

  9. I had to laugh at Mr. MW in shorts and no jacket. Sounds like my Mr. After Hurricane Sandy when we had no power, I was shivering by the fire, all wrapped up in blankets and sweaters. He was walking around in t shirt and shorts. :D (Hate damp chill!) How lovely that Annie made such lovely gifts for her friends. And the Dickens Christmas -- I love it! I love Dickens. He was my first writer love.

  10. Thank you for braving the cold for us, Robyn. I loved the book decorations—wowzah!