Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

It's even cold in the Sunshine State...and we have seen very little sun in the last four days!

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. We had a nice quiet day...we love a day spent reading all our new books!

I can always spot my detailed oriented husband...when it comes to wrapping...not so much.  In all's a lovely addition to my Shooner collection...beautiful! He and Annie have a Christmas Eve routine. Door closed, lots of giggling and silliness...and then they emerge with Mommy''s present...always the best part of my gift!

This is my New Year's Eve attire...I'm still in it. Annie and I didn't even make it to midnight!

Christmas is put away and we are coasting into a brand new year.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy 2018!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Happy new year to you and your family. I remember (vaguely) the days of dressing up for the Eve and parties. Didn't take long for that to wear thin! Home and comfort rules!

  2. Happy New Year Robyn, you look so comfy.
    No partying for us either. I like it quiet.
    Wishing you and your a beautiful new year filled with good health, love, peace, joy and contentment.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Happy New years! you do look comfy and cozy. Our high today is 4 so we are tucked in and loving the woodstove

  4. Happy New Year to you, Annie and Mr. Mugwump!

  5. Your new years out does look warm and cozy. Getting ready to get my pj's on and settling in for another cold Winter night here in Michigan. I have to say, hubby and Annie do a much better job at wrapping than I do. Happy New Year my friend! Janice

  6. Happy, happy new year and I look forward to your posts this new year.
    Hugs :)

  7. Hi Robyn,
    We are chilly here in the mornings and evenings but up in the 70’s during the day! I’m changing clothes all the time, it seems! Your outfit is adorable! Thank you for all your visits and sweet comments to my blog this past year!! I truly appreciate your friendship, my friend!!
    May 2018 be filled with much joy for all of you!
    Heart Hugs~

  8. Happy New Year! I hope you have a lovely 2018

  9. Happy New Year to you and yours, Robyn. Love the push puppets. My husband just added to his collection. They give him so much joy. Judy

  10. Happy New Year to you all! Sounds like you had a lovely time!

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family from the Wisconsin Deep Freeze. It's actually 16 today and starting to snow. It's like a heat wave. If it get's up to 20 degrees, there will be people in shorts! Stay warm and a wonderful year.