Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Annie & Ben...and George

Annie and I are working on a scrapbook all about the Founding Fathers...and mothers, too. Hope to get back here soon with photos. This is our busy traveling time so we are a little lax when it comes to posting. 

This kid loves learning new things...and this old teacher loves teaching her.  We have been fortunate to visit so many historical sites and will be including them in our book. Annie is so excited about this adventure! We'll be back to share more soon.


Still working on this huge sampler. This top section measures thirty inches across.

His Eye is on the Sparrow from Beth Twist.

Four pages of pattern down with eight more to go. I'm still enjoying this ambitious project. Still going slowly, but trying to stitch a bit every day. I took it to Key West a couple of weeks ago and was able to stitch in the car. 

Hope you are enjoying your days leading up to summer. After last year, I am dreading the hurricane season, but keeping fingers crossed it will be an off year for us. 

Enjoy the day,


  1. so wonderful seeing that smile on Annie's that learning never ends...amazing sampler...wishing you a mild hurricane season...

  2. Goodness but you've more stamina that me when it comes to cross stitch. That is one huge project you've undertaken. Love how your house is decorated and that hooked mat on the wing-back chair got my attention really quick.

  3. Oh Robyn ! Your Sparrow stitching is gorgeous and I am loving seeing it progress.
    A scrapbook about history and your adventures - very exciting and a good ‘hands on’ experience for Annie !
    You are a good teacher !

  4. I'm sure Annie's book will teach me something! Anxious to see it.

    Such a remarkable sampler. I've seen several online and your colors seem more vibrant. Maybe the linen is different? The motifs stand proud beautifully.

  5. What a wonderful project for Annie looks like she is loving it with that big smile.
    your project is very ambitious but so lovely

  6. It's so nice seeing a post from you. Annie looks so happy and I'm sure she is very enthusiastic about her history project. A great way to learn and remember.

    Wow, I'm impressed by all the work you got done on His eye is on of the sparrow cross stitch pattern. It will be a great addition to your decor once finished. I love the linen. It looks different that those I've sen.

    I hope that you will be safe from hurricanes.
    Take care and enjoy your summer.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Annie looks so happy!
    Every time I see His Eye, I am totally blown away! Keep us posted on your progress.

  8. WOW that is an ambitious project for sure...but it is coming along nicely! Cannot wait to hear about the founding fathers and mothers. Janice

  9. Your sampler is beautiful. Will look forward to seeing updates.

    Have fun with your scrapbook project with Annie. Being a former Kindergarten teacher, making books with the children was always a learning experience.

    Have a safe summer,

  10. what a lovely summer!You have made such amazing progress on His Eye. I am finally down to the last few pages, but this is my third year. Eek! Have a wonderful time and I love seeing your posts.

  11. What a fantastic project! Cant wait to see how the whole thing looks, I cant imagine doing that huge of a sampler, how exciting! :)