Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Hello, friends. How fast the time is moving along. Summer is slipping into autumn and the holidays are not far behind.

This handsome owl is what is known as Mennonite Ledger Folk Art. Old ledger pages were used as paper for primitive, naive paintings. Resourceful folks, the Mennonites used what was this case re-used. 

They have become a sought after type of folk art. I have found mine, here and there, luckily, at reasonable prices.

I have collected these wonderful works for a while. Because I have several, and framing costs are rather pricey, I have chosen to frame them myself. I am getting it done...slowly.

I am in the process...also slowly...of undergoing a change to our decor. In other words, I am cleaning out! I am so over a lot of things I once loved in pursuit of a cleaner look. 

These ledger works will replace some things I am letting go.

More on this later.


Annie and I have put other projects on the back burner while we work on our Nature Journal.

We have collected specimens from local woods, as well as on our trips. We have pressed them in the flower press and are now putting them into a journal.

We are trying to identify and learn names...but mostly we just have fun!  We identify where they are from as a means of remembering our adventures. It's a great time of year to collect plants for the press. 


I've been lax with my needle. Not much stitching going on...need to get back to it. Right now I'm reading a book that just came's a doozy.

Thinking of all those in the path of Florence. Stay safe...

Enjoy the day,


  1. Love the owl art work; plus you and Annie are creating your own form of art together.

  2. I love the folkart owl on old ledger page. I love that concept! Love your journal too, very fun!

  3. In all my years of collecting, I have never seen Mennonite Ledger Folk Art. It is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    Fun times with Annie creating your own personal journal.
    Prayers to all those in Florence's path.

  4. LOVE that type of art. Did not know the origin so thank you. Very anxious to see your d├ęcor changes. You and Annie are doing a great job on the nature journal.

  5. Love the Leger art, and never heard of it. Thank you for sharing it. And love the botanical work that you and Annie are making.
    Your posts are always so welcome.
    Echoing your good wishes for those in the storm's way,

  6. Never knew about the ledger page art. Guess folks re-purposed in the olden days maybe more than we do now. That one you showed is amazing! Yes, saying a prayer for everyone on the east coast. Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Also wondering what changes you will be doing. I will stay tuned. Janice

  7. Hi Robin,
    I have seen this type of art before but did not know the name or who made it! So interesting and lovely!! I'm sure Annie is over the moon about that owl, too!! Your flower pressing and keeping a botanical journal is just wonderful for both of you to share in together and I'm sure you are both enjoying it, too!!
    So very happy that the storm did bypass you this time, but my thoughts and prayers are with those who are bearing the brunt of it!
    Take care and hope you have a great weekend, and thanks so much for your visit on my blog, too!
    Big Heart Hugs to you and Annie~
    Julie xo

  8. very sweet artwork I have never seen it. I have been keeping a box to fill as I go though the house cleaning that way I don't feel over whelmed by a big clean out.

  9. Wonderful piece and collection to have. I have a few collectible Fraktur books that I have used for designs and made my own and a few as gifts.