Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Day 1...Alexandria, Virginia

When we travel, we travel by car. I've mentioned before I don't fly anymore...depressurized at 32,000 feet and made nose dive to 10,000 feet wearing oxygen mask with everything inside the cabin flying around, including flight attendants and drink carts. Never liked it anyway. I digress.   

Usually, we overnight on the road. It works for us.

Annie's "owl bag" is her constant companion. It is packed with her writing books and pencils and whatever else she throws in. Here she is looking for a pencil.

To keep things new and fun, I always pack a treat bag to help keep our girl entertained. Paper goods and stickers are Annie's life, so I fill a bag with a few of those and she is good to go. She is a seasoned traveler and loves being in her backseat "nest".

We always look for a Marriott Residence Inn and the one in Old Town Alexandria is a favorite. We stayed here on a previous trip to D.C. It is within a mile walking distance of the historic district and a block from Whole Foods. Perfect!

We drove in from Fayetteville, N.C. Sunday morning and had plenty of time to explore Old Town. I was born in the old brick hospital that was built in the 1800's here in the historic district. It has since been razed.

The colonial architecture and daffodils make for great pics. While taking these one of my favorite Washington Post reporters walked right by me...Robert Costa. Always fun to see the locals!

This great shop is full of everything Alexandria... it is actually called The Old Town Shop. The southern legend of the pineapple is explained on this plaque by the door. Before our trip I bought Annie and I coral colored sweaters with pineapples on them. We had to get a pic of Annie in her sweater by the sign...sunshine on her shoulders...and in her eyes.

We enjoy just walking around on the brick and cobblestone streets looking at the old houses. This is the place I miss the most since moving to Florida. 

Swinging by the river...the Potomac...early one morning. When asked what her favorite thing was from our trip, Annie says, "the swing". Everyday ordinary is her thing.

This is Queen Street. These homes were built in the 1830's and 1840's.

I did not enhance these photos. These are the true colors.

This is my favorite street. I remember seeing these old houses when I was a young child and thinking they were absolutely wonderful. I still do.

This is the Spite Skinny House. It was built in 1830 to block a noisy alley. It is seven feet wide. Would love to see inside this diminutive home.

If you are ever in the Washington D.C. area, it's worth a trip across the river to see this lovely old town.

Next up...I'll take you to church.

Enjoy the day...and your trip to Old Town.


  1. Am definitely with you on the no flying as I've my own horror stories to tell. Annie definitely needs a hat so she can see better plus health reasons but something tells me she doesn't like to wear one.

  2. Lovely I have never been there. I do not like to fly either but I hate to ride in the car for hours so I am sunk I took flying this year.

  3. Oh you make me want to take a road trip!
    Ack. If I had your experience, I wouldn't want to fly either.
    Thanks for all the pictures. A 7' wide house? That would be cool to see what it looks like inside. Hard to imagine.

  4. I love seeing those old houses and they are so well preserved. That Skinny House is so intriguing. I went online to look for some interior photos of it and I found some. It's beautiful inside and even in the tiny back yard. The house is also known as the Spite House and is 36 feet long.

    I do not like to fly either but I rather fly than drive for hours on ends but I understand your choice after the incident you described.

    Thanks for allowing us on your travel adventure with Annie and Mr. M.
    I'm looking forward to more highlights.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I meant to add that I love that swing too. Mine is getting old.

  6. WOW what a tiny home. It would be fun to see it inside. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colored homes. Kind of reminds me of Boca Raton with the pastel colored homes. Last time I flew we were ordered to leave Singer Island as a hurricane was coming in. We were the last flight out of Ft Lauderdale with turbulence most of the way home to Michigan. NEVER took our seat belts off. It was a bumpy ride and almost felt like we were going to crack up in the air. Never flew again. That was over 35 yrs ago. Janice

  7. I can't wait to see all of these beautiful sights and your family. What fun. I love that skinny house. I have seen pictures of it before. I think I would love to see inside too.
    What a pretty place and I love the colors. That plane trip sounds like maybe I might not like to fly either.
    Have a fun time.

  8. I just knew I wasn't meant to fly! {except, well...you know, that broom-thing ;) ~ I have been to Old Town, love the shops, houses & history ~ reminds me of my beloved New England! Please tell Miss Annie that I am an owl lover too ~ and I need to get a back like hers to carry my goodies around in it!
    Looking forward to 'traveling' with you more my friend....

  9. Thank you for sharing so many lovely things!
    Blessings, Patti

  10. WHat a lovely old town, thanks for sharing. Annie is quite the traveler, she has the right idea, simple pleasures are the most endearing! Have a great day!

  11. What a beautiful place!!! I could wander for hours I think....You are so blessed that your husband and Annie enjoy the same pleasures you so. Unfortunately, my husband would be bored within an hour. I cannot sit in cars very long, so I fly...and I actually love flying. Fortunately, the only bad experiences I have had have been delays, missed connections, lost luggage, etc. I hope I never have an experience like you had or I may never be able to leave Nod again LOL. Thanks for the beautiful tour. I can’t wait for more. Tell Miss Annie I love her sweater....that is a perfect color for her! ~Robin~

  12. Love the old houses. I agree with Annie, swings are the best!

  13. My son and daughter-in-law used to live in Old Town...I love that place! And even tho they have moved out of the Old Town area that is still where I stay whenever I visit. Looks like you had an awesome time!