Thursday, August 29, 2019 we go again...

Oh. poo! This was the forecast from yesterday. We will watch and plan accordingly all weekend. We are on the Gulf Coast...west of Tampa. Please keep us, and everyone in the path of the storm in your thoughts. So stressful for all of us in the path!!!


Hello, my blogging friends. I've been out of the loop this summer. I can't seem to get with the program these days. My autoimmune issues are zapping my energy and after my "mom" job, I don't have much energy for anything else. It is frustrating. I overdid on our trip to D.C. and have been struggling with the consequences of a flare ever since. Oh, boo hoo...enough about that!


I don't know why, but I seem to pick up His Eye is on the Sparrow in the summer. I'll work on it and then take a long months.

I recently started working on it again and am trying to stitch a little every day. I actually thought I was farther along than I am...but every little bit helps.

This stitch has proven to be therapy for me. I always feel better after I have taken a small bit of time to pull those lovely threads through this huge piece of linen. 

I have a stitching ritual. I turn on Gregorian chants...I adore the calmness and serenity they bring. Sometimes, I opt for silence with no background music. I light a candle. I grab a cup of green tea. I sit close to the window for good light...a window where I have a few myrtle topiaries and a large angel vine plant. My greenhouse. And I stitch. 


Pink needlepoint shoes! Who'd a thunk it? With bumblebees!

I am not a "shoe person". I wear them...but I usually pick something for comfort. These shoes are all about the pink...and the bees...and the needlepoint.


I splurged.  These beauties are my reward, from me, for having reached three months of not eating sugar. No cookies, no cake, no chocolate. It wasn't easy! And very unfair since I have not lost but a couple pounds. Not everyone's taste, but I love these sweet bees!


We had a fun trip to Key Largo in July. We had never been there and were delighted the new Bar president picked this Key instead of Key West to begin his presidency. 

I sat here one evening and relaxed...all by myself. Annie and Mr. MW joined the rest of our group on the beach for the annual Battle Of the Boards. It was so nice and peaceful...this small bit of solitude.

So that's what the House of Mugwump has been up to this summer. We skipped the Florida Bar Convention this year. We all agreed it was best to stay home and relax this year. 

Annie turned thirty three...complete with balloons, sunflowers and her requested gift of "office supplies". MR. MW and I celebrated our thirty seventh wedding anniversary and we all celebrated our 30th year of living in our little cottage. 

Hope this finds your all well and enjoying the waning days of summer 2019. I will reply to comments here.

Enjoy the day,


  1. I was just thinking of you at lunchtime while listening to the weather forecast.
    I hope it will not be as bad as expected like in Porte Rico. They are breathing a sigh of relief today.

    I'm sorry about your energy being zapped. Some days I just have to take a nap to get through the day. Summer is always a busy time of year.

    Your needlepoint is looking amazing. Such a large piece. You got a lot done already. I like your stitching ritual. It sounds so relaxing.

    Such a pretty vista on that patio. It looks so serene.

    I love those bee needlepoint shoes. I've seen lobster needlepoint shoes by Paige, believe it or not but I much prefer the bees.

    Know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. Stay safe with your family.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Thanks so much for visiting, dear friend! It will be a stressful weekend here until we get more info on the track of the storm. I have my eye on a pair of robin shoes by Paige. :) Thanks for the prayers...we so appreciate them.
    Robyn xo
    p.s. A nap sounds like a very good idea!

  3. Autoimmune issues are the worst I have addisons I am lucky that a pill helps me most days. My brother is dealing with something but we do not know what yet and it has been several years sigh...
    I love how you stitch it is good for the soul even if it is just 15 minutes. I try to do the same with my rug hooking I start my day with a 1/2 hour of hooking in the quiet with my coffee.
    Happy thirty something to everyone! We have been in our house 31 years this year.
    Big prayers to all those in Florida, mother nature is so hard to deal with at time. So nice to see you post.

  4. Agreed...they are the worst. They are so elusive when it comes to a definitive diagnosis. Even sleep does not alleviate the fatigue...a real bummer. Glad you can find relief with medication. My sewing ritual is so important to my having a good day! Thanks for the kind thoughts.

  5. Yes saying prayers that this hurricane goes another way. We have family down there and I have many blogging friends down there too! Congrats on your milestone. I could not do willpower here. LOL Janice

  6. Hi Janice...The entire state is in a frenzy! I just came back from a trip to the market and it was crazy! Gas stations are out of gas! We are keeping our fingers crossed that this one either fizzles out or changes course...thanks for coming by.

  7. Hoping Dorian will lose strength quickly and damage will be minimal.

    Sorry you aren't feeling very well. I'm just starting to deal with diagnoses and wonder which problems are caused by them or not even related. I tried various diet changes and haven't noticed improvement.

    Your description of how you engage in your stitching was wonderful.

    1. It's a matter of waiting and watching for us at this point. I hope you feel some improvement's so hard to get a finger on anything autoimmune! Thanks for the kind words. Take care.

  8. Sorry you are feeling poorly. My step-sister lives in Antigua.. She seems so calm as I am a mess with each blow of the wind... They did luck out this time and I hope that for Fla also... Hi to Annie... Sandi.

  9. We sure hope we luck out, too. Glad all the folks who live down in the islands were spared a direct hit. It's a matter of watching and waiting now. Thanks for coming by.

  10. I'm still thinking of you and your family and all those in the path of Dorian. Keeping our hopes that it will weaken soon. I've seen on the news about the long line up for sand bags, food, water and gas etc...
    We have been saying the rosary for all our intentions, including the safety of all those in the path of the hurricane Dorian. I believe in the power of prayers as we are at the mercy of the forces of nature and we are no match.
    Stay safe,
    Hugs, Julia

  11. Thanks so much, Julia. All we can do is wait and see the path the storm takes. It will be a long, long weekend. I keep my "beads" in my purse, but had them out yesterday and will keep them under my pillow all weekend. Those on the other coast need the prayers of all of us. You are so dear to keep us all in your prayers. Have a good weekend.
    Robyn xoxo

  12. Dear Robyn,
    Keeping you and your family in my prayers for safety during this stressful time!! Just saw that the storm may be moving away from you, so happy to hear that, but will pray it moves out to sea rather than toward land! So very sorry to hear about your health issues and can certainly empathize after so many years of having Fibromyalgia! Hope you can get some much needed relief very soon!! Stitching TRULY does mend the soul, and I really do believe that, plus the message of that particular piece is so very true as well!!! LOVE those sweet shoes and I'm sure you feel just BEA utiful while wearing them!!!
    Take care, my friend, and have a safe weekend!!!
    Heart Hugs and Prayers~
    Julie xo

  13. Hello, sweet friend...It does look as if it is moving off coast. It always makes me feel so bad to hope it will miss us, as it then becomes a problem for someone else. No win situation :( As anyone with autoimmune issues knows, I have good days and bad days. I take it as it comes and watch my diet...and try to keep a handle on stress. I am so enjoying stitching this piece! Lately, I have been sticking to my ritual and each completed motif makes me happy.
    Enjoy the long weekend...take good care,
    Robyn xoxo

  14. Praying that Dorian does not hit land.
    So sorry the autoimmune issue has been wreaking havoc. I hope it quiets down a bit.
    As always, I am in total awe of His Eye.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend. You probably welcome September...I do not. I love fall but hate what comes after.
    Take good care!

  15. Looking good for Florida this morning...of course, we don't breath a sigh of relief until it makes landfall. So enjoying this big drug of choice. Hope you are feeling good as new!

  16. So many family and stitching friends live in Florida. I was thrilled to see Dorian play nice with Florida. HEIOTS is such a beautiful stitch. Already so beautiful. Holy cow, those needlepoint shoes! They are almost as impressive as your no sugar choices. I've eaten a diet similar to this. Any sugar or anything that the body turns into sugar was off limits. I know how hard it is, and I'm so proud of you. Judy