Tuesday, August 24, 2021

It's early...I know. I've been purchasing a few too many pumpkin heads lately. I see others around the web are also pushing for fall. It won't be turning cooler here for a long while...at least I can pretend inside my house. Thinking of the people in Tennessee who are hurting...such devastation and lost. It's heartbreaking. Enjoy the day, Robyn


  1. Hi dear Robyn, I love your pumpkin head sitting , waiting for Halloween. It will be here in no time.

    Oh, the devastation in Tennessee is so heart breaking. It seem there's no end to devastation and turbulence in the world. It's time that we pay attention to God's Word.

    Take care and stay safe with your family.

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  2. Love your pretty display !!! Think after all the heat , rain & humid weather & of course Henri , we are all looking forward to Fall .

    The fires & devastation in Tennessee is so sad....too much going on in the world now ....

  3. I love your pumpkin head. We are hot here in NH but the humidity is killing us. We are looking forward to the beautiful fall. I just wish it were longer

  4. What a sweet pumpkin man! I have been getting out some Fall decor too! Your display looks awesome! Yes, so sad about the TN flooding. Janice

  5. Awwww...Love your pumpkin folk!! Even though I doubt I will be decorating much this year I, too, have snuck out a few pieces.... I figure what does it matter since I am the only one who will see. It has felt like fall here most of the summer it seems....and now trees are already changing and some losing leaves. Ahhh how I dread what's coming afterwards. ~Robin~

  6. Starbucks pumpkin drinks made an appearance so I guess it's time. Damn.

  7. What a wonderful pumpkin head! Never too early, in my opinion!
    As for the world, I agree, it’s so topsy turvy right now. I’ve never seen it quite like this, it’s a little frightening.
    Hope you and yours are well, Robyn!
    Lauren O. Foster