Friday, November 16, 2012

Biltmore II

It's 28 degrees out there on this beautiful Carolina morning. Mr.MW is out running and Annie is snoozing. 

Last night we returned to the Biltmore mansion for Candlelight Christmas. This is a huge annual event that draws crowds from all over the country...and world. The house was lit with candles and the huge fireplaces were roaring. Choral singers and musicians filled the air with the sounds of Christmas. It was beautiful...and very hard to obey the no photo rule!!!

I did manage to take a few pics outside...these were taken out the window of the jitney as it brought us to the front door. Can you see the slice of moon? It was magical...Annie oohed  and ahed the whole way...and she wasn't the only one.

There were luminary bags lighting the long entrance road drive. The huge tree in the courtyard sparkled with thousands of lights. There is no way you could end your visit and not be totally full of Christmas spirit...I can't wait to get home and start decorating!

The Inn where we are staying is beautiful as well. Here are a few pics of one of the dining rooms...what a view!

 Below is the view from our room...this morning. There is no work of art that can surpass the simple beauty of nature.

Today we are headed to the Tobacco antique store/mall that is suppose to be wonderful...I'll let you know!

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Gorgeous! I can only imagine how magical the inside looked! I've been to the Tobacco Barn and it's a fun visit. Be sure and look everywhere as stuff is hidden all over. There's another antique place down the street from there that I also find many goodies at! Have fun!

  2. Oh... and if you enjoy Bluegrass and great barbeque... visit the Fiddlin Pig in the main town of Asheville...

  3. So beautiful! You take wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing -- I hope the Tobacco Barn is fun!

  4. Morning Steph, how magical, such beautiful pictures you took, enjoy the day at the Tabacco Barn........Blessings Francine.

  5. Oops, So sorry Robyn, find myself commenting a little to much, wrong name, please forgive me, Francine.

  6. What wonderful memories you are creating for your family. Have fun at the Tobacco barn. Can't wait to see what antique treasures you find.

  7. Oh Robin,
    How beautiful - such a gorgeous place.

  8. Robyn, you peeked my curiosity and I did the next best thing to taking a personal tour and went to search for some interior photos of the Builtmore Mansion. It's hard to believe that people lived this way in such luxury.
    It was beautiful beyond words and I can only imagine the beauty and magical atmosphere at this place especially at this time of year.

    After I saw all the beautiful decorations and the magnificent rooms and the millions lights, it left me somewhat sad at the opulence when so many poor families with young children are living in such dire need of the basic necessities.

    I always have this guilt feeling when I have excess and some have nothing.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful places that you visit.

  9. I meant to say that I went to search for interior photos online. sorry,,,

  10. Wonderful pics. Please let us know about the tobacco barn. Have fun! Take care, Janice