Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2013

Photograph by Dave Doody

Don't you love a new calendar? I do. Colonial Williamsburg sends me this beauty every year because I contribute to their foundation every year. It's a beautiful calendar...full of simply luscious photos.

Photograph by Tom Green



This was the scene at our house on New Years Eve...Annie and I are very attached to "our girl". She would not start and was hauled off to the dealership for a fix. She's almost eighteen years old...but she just hit 63,000 miles...she's basically "brand new" for a Volvo. We're keeping our fingers crossed it's minor and that "our girl" will be home soon. We do get a kick out of it when she visits the dealer for maintenance...the guys all ooh and ah over her...the salesmen even come to have a look at her...and the ole' gal revels in the admiration. In all honesty, she's aged well and is clean as a whistle inside and out. 
We're hoping for a full recovery!


We spent yesterday with great friends...eating great food. But the holidays are behind us, and today I am at a lost as to where to begin to put my house back in order. There is not one room that does not need tidying. 

Tomorrow I will be back with a pic of my January Kitchen Window. Thought it might be fun to show you a new window each month.

2013 is off to a very busy start at our house! 

Enjoy the day,


  1. I love beautiful calendars and I tend to keep them just for the pictures.

    Wow, your car (girl) is beautiful and so new looking. You must take great care of her.I hope that she will only need minor fixing. Mine is not as shiny as your but it gets me around to where I need to go. Our winters with salt on the roads is very hard on our cars here.

    We have bitter cold here this morning. It's -17 Celsius or 1.4 Fahrenheit
    Take care and may all your dreams comes to fruition this year.
    All the best

  2. Hi Julia...that's the main reason cars down here last this salt! Have a great 2013!

  3. Oh no, hope your car makes a speedy recovery! What a neat idea to share a window display each month!

  4. I love calendars too... Of course I have a big Old English sheep dog one proudly hanging over my desk. Can't wait to see your window, I'll be leaving holiday punchneedle and patterns out at the studio, but bringing in winter and some new goods for Valentines Day.

  5. Oh gosh, yes, I'd love to see your window every month!! What fun! Hope your car comes back in happy, healthy condition. It's so nice to have a car one loves, isn't it? I have a love-hate relationship with my car, which is really getting old. lol! Nice calendar too! I love Williamsburg.

  6. Oh oh....sure hope your car feels better soon......Put all my Christmas away today, ugg..more cleaning........Blessings Francine.

  7. Can't wait!! I so love your windowscapes!! Awww....poor girl....hope she recovers quickly. Funny how we get "attached" to vehicles, hey? My "everyday" ride is a 2001 Toyota 4-runner. Hubby keeps saying I need to get a new one (it has LOTS of miles), but I haven't seen anything (I can afford) that I like. ;o And my "summer" ride (a 1984 Mercedes convertible) still turns heads too, although she is much more temperamental than my Yota! Hope you get your girl back soon! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Too funny about the calendar....usually I have 1/2 a dozen of them around that never get used, but I went to search for a new one this morning, and none to be had....Yikes!!)

  8. Here's hoping your wheels return quickly. That's really low mileage!!!
    Christmas un-decorating. UGH! I've barely begun.
    Hugs :)

  9. Wow my car is only 6 years and I have 144,000 mies...use to drive a 100 a day to work and my commute is 45 a round next car will last longer. Hope yoour baby gets back real soon! Janice

  10. *****yeah for volvo!!! we've been driving them for almost forty years and love them too. at 63,000 miles you're just getting this one warmed up...we usually take them
    up to 800,00 miles before saying goodbye. did you know that if your volvo reaches a million miles that the company will give you a new car. we live in volvo country and quite a number of people in our town are driving the one million mark still. what is important is a good volvo mechanic...good luck...once my wife was in an eight car pilu up on 128 in boston...she and my daughters were the only ones to get
    up and walk away from the crash. happy new year!

  11. Do you have news about your eighteen-year-old ‘girl?’ I bet she’s both a sweetheart and a reliable car that you fell in love with her. I hope she’s already had her fuse box, ignition switch, and starter relay checked and fixed, so she can go on more adventures with you guys! :D

    ~Carry Demaggio

  12. I love how Colonial Williamsburg shares their appreciation to their supporter. The photos on the calendar resemble the beauty and peace you bring with your unending love and support to them. Do not worry, I know the car technician will able to make your ‘girl’ run smoothly again. -Dante Mallet