Sunday, March 17, 2013

Slainte...French Market...Folk Art

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

In days gone by, our home would be filled with the wonderful aroma of a "boiled dinner" on the 17th of March. Corned beef and cabbage is a part of our heritage, and the main course of our Paddy's Day celebration. These days, in an effort to be a wee bit more healthy, that tasty fare is no longer served here. However...on a trip to Whole Foods defenses were weakened...I helped myself to a lovely serving of corned beef and cabbage, and kale mashed potatoes that were calling to me from the steam table. I brought home my little cardboard container...warmed it up...and relished every morsel. My ancestors...those with Irish eyes...were smiling!


Earlier in the morning, my sister and I made our way to "A French Market". This Spring happening takes place at Julie's Cottage at Provence in Largo, Florida. That's my sister, in the red, with Cathy...a most talented lady. You might remember that I first introduced to you Cathy and her wonderful creations after last year's market.

Cathy uses antique candy molds to create wonderful bunnies in the Spring...and Santas in the Fall.
Her work is so special...just like this sweet lady herself...she's fun!

Bunnies bearing gifts!


Bunnies in carrots!

Rabbits with polka dots!

Rabbits on wheels!

As soon as we parked the car we made a bee-line to see all the wonderful critters! 
We were not disappointed! What a talented lady!

This handsome little lamb came home with me. 

And this bunny...complete with a wool now hanging in my kitchen window. sweet...


Julie always has the best garden vendors...lots of beautiful plants and flowers!

This beauty also came home with me. It will become the center piece of my herb garden. I put it in a huge covered it! 

It's huge, and so colorful! Can't wait to get out there this week and do a little gardening. We also stopped at a nursery and I scored lots of Lamb's Ear plants... one of my most favorites!


Hope you are enjoying the weekend...

and that you have a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Wow! I love Cathy's animals -- they're wonderful! And I love those redware dishes behind the lamb you bought too. I always love to see the treasures you have in your house.

  2. Happy Irish Day to you Robyn.....what wonderful animals Cathy makes out of molds, so beautiful, I sure would have came home with your Sheep and bunny.........Blessings Francine.

  3. love the things you bought!, just fabulous!
    all these photos are wonderful, her work is beyond terrific!
    Happy St Pat's Day!

  4. Cooking up some corned beef and cabbage now....a must have for this Irish family, too!
    It looks like you had a wonderful day at the market! What great items Cathy offered there.... I love the things you picked out for your home!
    Happy St. Patty's Day!!

  5. Corned beef and cabbage here today for our O'Grady Irish tradition! It is starting to smell so good. I wish I could go to Cathy's.....all the bunnies I have seen have not been as attractive as hers.

    Have a great St. Patrick's Day...glad you had your fill of the Irish dinner! Good for you!


  6. Those rabbits are way to sweet !!
    Lovely pictures.

  7. Enjoyed the photos, cute little lamb!

  8. What a fun outing you had...and you came home with some beautiful offerings.
    There's nothing wrong with indulging if it's now and then...and it sounds like you are very good at being 'good' it was well deserved delights. We will be having the same meal later today.

  9. Wow, Cathy makes such beautiful items.
    I just love what you bought home with you.
    Does Cathy sell online?


  10. Good afternoon Robyn, what wonderful treasures, Cathy is a very talented lady. I would have had a hard time making the decision of what to bring home, all were lovely. How wonderful for you that planting season has begun in your neck of the woods, we here in Maine are anticipating another snowstorm... Your lastest hooking creation is coming along nicely...Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

  11. Your purchase is my favorite of the bunch!

  12. Everything looks so warm and spring like there... We are still blanketed with snow. My Chicago Irish Grandmother used to plant sweet pea seed in the ground today on St. Joesph's Day. I asked about that at my local garden shop and they said in Wisconsin it's Good Friday. In Florida it must be Valentine's Day. Love your treasures.

  13. What gorgeous photos of your lovely spring weather! Imagine wearing short-ish sleeves and standing outdoors (on purpose!) at this time of year. Here, in Michigan, we have a few more weeks of wool sweaters and quick dashes outdoors, if at all, to look forward to. So glad you and your sister had time together ~ love your new acquisitions!


  14. I'm drooling over all your spring~time goodies. Isn't it fun getting together with your sis and spending time together!