Sunday, June 30, 2013 historic day

We are back home after a very busy and eventful week. The Florida Bar had it's Annual Meeting this past week at the beautiful Boca Raton Resort. The Bar alternates the venue year to year, between Boca and Orlando. There is so much going's several days of go go go.

On Thursday, we...and over seven hundred friends...had lunch with Soledad O'Brien from CNN. Her keynote speech at the Judicial Luncheon was a highlight of the week. Soledad shared her personal story
with warmth and humor and had all of us in stitches with her perfectly timed delivery. 

After lunch she was generous with her time and posed for photos and chatted.
 She was impressed that Clancy, Annie's dog, has his own collar with his name and phone number on it that he wears when we travel.

What a lovely lady...and so very funny!

On Friday, Mr. MW was sworn in, along with forty nine others, to begin another year serving on the Board of Governors of the Florida Bar.  This is "our group" that I have mentioned here before. This is the reason we have been able to travel to so many fun places within Florida, and once a year out of state. The Board of Governors is an elected position and is the policy making and regulatory branch of the Supreme Court of Florida. Mr. MW is beginning his tenth year on the BOG....Annie and I are beginning our tenth year of fun. 

But the best part of the week was when our friend Mr. Gene, as Annie calls him, became the first African American President of the Florida Bar. can read about Gene's wonderful journey on this website. 

With his beautiful family, six siblings and their families, many, many friends and his BOG family all in attendance...we watched as history was made in the state of Florida. It was so moving...and so wonderful to see!

Gene and his lovely wife Sheila...and our girl. Annie is a great barometer when it comes to picking quality friends...she loves both members of this wonderful couple...she's had a special friendship with Mr. Gene for years.

Our dear friends, we are so happy we were able to share this historic day with you!

Annie attends all of the events with us...including the three hour General Assembly when everyone is sworn in. She loves seeing all her friends...some we only see once a year at this meeting. If she looks a bit tired it's because she is...everybody breathes a sigh of relief when that long meeting and the big lunches are over and the fun and celebrations begin.

The big finish for the week is a huge buffet breakfast served in the Presidential Suite on the 25th floor. It's a relaxed morning...flip flops and shorts...great food and a beautiful view. 

Boca Raton is so beautiful!

This fun family is made of glass and currently lives in the lobby of the hotel. Isn't it fitting that a meeting with the theme of Inclusion and Diversity was held in a place where everyone passed this colorful group every day? Love it!

Hope you are all having a great Summer! Can't believe it's almost July! 
I'll be following you all on Bloglovin'...whatever that means! 

Enjoy the day,


  1. What a wonderful story of family memories! I love the fact that Annie enjoys herself so much at this annual event.... The arial shot from the the 25th floor is beautiful! I know you guys had fun, both at the ceremonies, and afterward just having family fun!!

    Take are my friend, Faye

  2. What a great post.
    Enjoyed the pictures. ;)
    Thanks for sharing a little bit about your family.
    Sounds like everyone had a grand time !

  3. Wow, what a neat and exciting trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  4. I enjoyed this post so much! It's wonderful to see the celebrations and to hear about this group you all belong to. Special indeed!

  5. Wow what a view. Congratulations to Mr. Gene and Mr. MW!

  6. What a great story and pictures. It must have been so nice to meet Soledad...she seems like a lovely woman...I remember watching her on NBC before she went to CNN. Never been to I love seeing your pictures.

  7. Congratulations to you all...what a truly historic time it is in our country. It's what our founding fathers fought for(whether they realized at the time or not)... Liberty and Justice for all!

    p.s. I watch Soledad every chance I get she's the best.

  8. What a grand honor your husband got...congratulations to him and to your family...what a proud wife you must be.
    Your photos are so wonderful - Annie is so very fortunate to be able to travel to all these places and hob nob so to speak...what a great experience.