Friday, July 26, 2013

Local Color

The Amelia Island Plantation Resort is tucked away between the Atlantic Ocean and tropical old Florida landscape.

They offer every kind of activity you can imagine...the usual golf and tennis...

...and much more...horseback riding, segways, bikes, kayaking and paddle boarding.

There is a nature center, archery field and a miniature golf course.

In the evening they fire up a bonfire on the beach...complete with s'mores.

Hidden among the palms and palmettos are shops and cafes offering a little bit of everything. They actually offer golf carts to make navigating the place easier. Sixteen shops and nine restaurants are scattered under venerable old pines and mighty live oaks. 

It's an adventure just to explore the place. 

My girl and I...we roll at a slower pace but have lots of fun doing our thing.

This is the chandelier that greets you in the lobby...driftwood and's wonderful and huge!

I've been having my morning tea watching the sunrise...tea that comes in such a sweet little "bag" and is so tasty!


Thank you to all who left such lovely comments yesterday. You warmed my heart and made me smile. I guess I am not as boring as I thought.

Margaret, Julia, Lauren, Francine, Nancee, Rose, Mindy, Patti, Sheri, Kathy, Louise, and Carol...thank you...yesterday was a good day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Good morning Robyn, I'm so glad to read your blog this morning and see your beautiful Annie greeting us with her big smile that melts my heart. She always brings on the biggest smile on my face. Thanks...

    I think that I sould wear one of those hat that says Attitude Adjusted because I was getting frustrated this morning at the farm and found myself not having a nice attitude, lol. Good thing only the animals were around and they don't tell.... lol.

    What a positive lovely way to make a good tea very special. I love how they packaged the tea and added a tea leaf.

    We are having a very wet three days of rainy weather this weekend so I'll have to take a break from my flowers.

    I hope that your weekend is dryer than mine

    Hugs to you and Annie.


  2. Glad to see your post this morning! Nice to see you are having a lovely time with sweet Annie! I have never seen a tea bag like that. How neat!
    Seeing all your pics makes me want to get away for a while but just not possible right now.
    Enjoy your time away!

  3. It really sounds like so much fun. I just wish I was a flexible as annie I would struggle to cross my legs that much.
    Love the t shirs and the weather looks great. Have lots of fun

  4. Ah, I love seeing all the colorful tees, the pretty buildings, the cool chandelier, and Annie's smiling face! Hope you are enjoying your stay. Looks like fun! And hey, I was just saying what I feel. I love your blog and reading about your family and the love you share.

  5. That sounds like a wonderful place to visit, wow what a chandelier.
    Your girl has the sweetest smile, she must have been having a ball!
    Hugs, have a great weekend, and rest of the summer!

  6. Everything looks yummy..even the colors of the clothing. Love the pic and Annie. She always looks so happy. Her smile makes my day. Off to the studio to punch up laughing pumpkins.

  7. Looks like the newly renovated Plantation is still like the one that I fondly remember :) have a lovely time!
    Blessings, Patti

  8. What a lovely place to visit. It sounds like you are having a lovely getaway.

  9. What a great picture of Annie! I enjoyed your pictures of the resort on Amelia Island. I live in Georgia and still have not visited the island! The chandeliers are so different!