Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Favorite things...

Working on black cats and grey-haired witches...some of my favorite things.

These girls are hand sewn from early this case an antique choir robe did double duty..cats and witches. 

I only make a few thing every year for my friend to sell in her shop. I have scaled back over the last few years to spend more time on my family and because of our traveling schedule. But...I still itch to "create"...just in a very limited way.  


Last week, Mr. MW and I celebrated our thirty first anniversary...he bought me flowers...

red and green with a bit of pink...and very old

They even came with a few in the upper left corner and white in the lower left.

I love my new bouquet...and the husband is a keeper, too!


Annie picked (from the Fresh Market) a sunflower bouquet for her birthday flowers...she loves sunflowers. 

Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes to my girl. I read her every comment and she was so happy...I read them several times, in fact. You all helped to make it a very special day.

Annie sends her father out for his run just before sunrise...and then she watches the squirrels and birds in the front yard. Sometimes...most times...she curls up and waits for Daddy to come home. Yes...those orangey things are her feet! 

Hope your week is going well!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Bless Annie's heart ... She looks like she is double jointed and ohhh so comfy.
    Love her choice in flowers, my kind of gal.
    Do I see queen Ann's lace in with the sunflowers? They do not grow here in the Mohave Desert and I miss them.
    Have a Blessed Day,

  2. Hi, Robyn.
    Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful gift from hubby...he sure is a keeper. Annie looks so sweet curled up on the couch with her footies!


  3. Hi Robyn, Happy Anniversary to you too those black kitty' cute.....Annie looks so sweet curled up, Blessings Francine.

  4. Robyn,
    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mugwump! I would love that particular bouquet of flowers myself! It's a beautiful sampler. And belated 27th birthday hugs to sweet Annie. She looks so cute curled up on the couch waiting for her dad to return. I love her fuzzy orange feet too! Hugs, Lori

  5. If I curled up like Annie can I don't think I could ever stand up straight again!
    Annie you are a sweetie!!
    Wonderful gifts from your loved ones.
    Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Love your flowers!!The witches you are making are awesome. Annie is curled up like a cat, she is so cute.

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mugwump! What a lovely sampler such wonderful colors. I'm with Annie, sunflowers are a favorite of mine too. Love your witches, can't wait to see them upon completion. You are such a talented lady. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer's day, hugs Julie.

  8. Happy anniversary!!! Wow! Your mister is a keeper for sure! What a fantastic bouquet of flowers he gave you!!!!! I love it! Lucky you! And Annie has good taste in flowers as well. I love sunflowers! I love how she curls up to wait for her father.

  9. Happy Anniversary Robyn! Your Mr.Mugwump certainly has good taste! (: I too love Annie's choice of Sunflowers, they seem to say "happy days"!(:

  10. Love your new goodies Robyn..and I was just asking if you were making goodies. I would love a boquet of flowers like that! Happy belated Annivrsary. Also please tell Annie Belated Happy Birthday wishes too. Tell her that I Love sunflowers too and that they look like happy yellow faces to me. Janice

  11. What a lovely post, full of love and caring, creativity and even a sleeping beauty. Happy Anniversary Robyn,

  12. Happy Anniversary and what a gift from Mr.MW. Definitely a keeper. Tell Annie she has great taste in flowers. Sunflowers just make you smile. How special that Annie gets up early to send her dad off on his run. Love your cats and witches, Robyn.


  13. *****thanks for the comments on the rugs over on lori's blogspot...many years and many rugs. some are on facebook too. however, in a similiar thought, many were hooked while this father waited for his daughters to return from their respective dates...much like your daughter waits for her father's return from a daily run.
    keep well...all of you and the black cats and witches look great! sincerely, tom

  14. Hi Robyn,
    Congratulations on your anniversary! Me and my Mister celebrated 32 years in June and I plan on keeping him as well!! I too love your "flowers" and those are indeed the kind I would love to receive!! I also love sunflowers and agree that they look like big sunny faces!!
    I'm sure Annie's daddy is just as happy to get home as Annie is to have him come through the door each day!!
    Oh, and I love the sweet kitties and witches too, especially knowing that you used an old choir robe......wonderful!!
    Take care and Happy Creating, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~~

  15. Happy Anniversary!! What wonderful flowers from your husband, definitely a keeper!
    So glad that Annie had a wonderful birthday! Her flowers are gorgeous.
    Your witches and black cats are awesome.. you are putting me in a fall mood!
    Happy Thursday!

  16. Happy anniversary to you and the mister. Definitely is a keeper :) What a wonderful, thoughtful present.
    Sweet pic of Annie! She looks so cozy!
    Hugs :)

  17. Some day I am going to try and make some cats. I've always wanted to try. Happy Anniversary!

  18. Love those cats and the witches too... Keep on making what ever you can, you're too creative to stop. Have a happy anniversary.

  19. Good morning!
    What a wonderful treasure your husband gave you - the stitchery is just gorgeous - such soft colors.
    Sweet creations!
    Oh what a precious photo of Annie - such peace.

  20. Annie looks so comfy cozy, so sweet!
    Love your antique sampler, the colors are beautiful!
    Lovely flowers too! Yes, your hubby is a keeper.

  21. just look at that sweet Annie ~ what a beautiful girl ~ i always love seeing your photos of her!