Friday, June 27, 2014

Annie's Big Day

Just a few hours ago, at the Florida Bar Annual Meeting, our Annie was given a very big honor. This is the time of year when the new president is sworn in, and the out going president thanks and honors those who have helped make his (or her) year as president a success. 

Eugene Pettis, our friend, and now past president, recognized our Annie as a "special angel" and awarded her with her very own President's Award. He then came down off the dais and gave Annie her award to a roaring standing ovation. It was unbelievable! Annie was so surprised! 

It was a very good day!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy the day...we sure did!


  1. Congratulations ! What a special day for all of you !

  2. So happy for you, Annie! Congratulations!

  3. Oh my, this gives me goosebumps, I'm so happy for Annie and for her proud family.
    How nice of Mr Pettis to award this special honor on Annie. Congratulations Annie, on getting your very own trophy award.
    Big HUGS. What a great day this must have been. Wow!

  4. Oh, I could just feel the joy and warmth of this tremendous event.
    A very special day and even more so that Annie had no idea !

  5. CONGRATULATIONS ANNIE! ... What a wonderful honor for a very special and beautiful young lady.

    Love and Blessings to all,

  6. A very special day...for a very special young lady...Congratulations Annie!

  7. I was going to say just what Julia said..... this gave me goosebumps!! How wonderful! Sweet act by a sweet man for a sweet young lady... I love this story!!

  8. So very, very sweet. Congrats to one very special young lady with THE most amazing mom.
    Hugs :)

  9. How very proud you must be of your daughter! A special angel indeed! Congrats to you all on the award most deserved!!
    Cathy G

  10. Congratulations Annie! How very special!
    Blessings, Patti

  11. That is beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS Annie!

  12. Oh, how wonderful! What an honor for your Annie. I think that Mr. Pettis is a special angel too!

  13. WOOHOO for Annie! How awesome. Janice

  14. Hi! I found you through one of my readers. I have a 22 year old daughter named Sara who has Down Syndrome. We paint signs for the Happy Soul Project. I was so excited to see another mom blogging with an older child with DS. Congratulations to Annie on her award. What a thrilling night for her!

  15. I've got tears in my eyes as I read this post and write my comment. What a great thing! Such a special day! Hooray for Annie!

  16. ...Lil' Miss Annie is quite the celebrity! What a honor and congratulations Miss Annie! You go girl! :o)

    ...Congrat's to Miss Mugwump too, you must be so proud!

    ...Peace & blessings. :o)

  17. What a special honor for Annie! I'm sure she will always treasure her trophy!

  18. Congratulations Annie!!
    You sure are a special young lady!
    xo Louise

  19. How wonderful that others recognize how she shines.
    Congrats beautiful girl.
    Sunday Blessings & Love

  20. I'm so happy for you Annie.. I know you're thrilled to receive the award.. You deserve many congratulations.
    What a sweet, young lady you are. You have wonderful parents who love you soo much..
    Best wishes for many more awards..
    Enjoy your summer..
    Charlotte in Virginia

  21. much deserved Congratulations to you Annie!

  22. I am so...sorry I missed this post, I've been at sixes and sevens as the British say!
    Annie you and your family are an inspiration to all of us and certainly deserve your award. Here's hoping everyday is a special day for you!