Monday, June 30, 2014

July Kitchen Window 2014

Can't believe it's already July! My Kitchen Window is decked out in red, white and blue...of course!

Some of my favorite things just happen to be those very colors. I collected blue tranferware before I collected red transferware...the end result of my obsession for both makes for a perfect patriotic window.

This wonderful print, by the gifted artist Susan Daul, always graces my July window. It isn't the Fourth without her handsome Continental soldiers beating time and marching above our sink.

Mugwump Woolies early calico and ticking firecrackers share space with coverlet stars.

Love the Grecian Key pattern around the rim of this wonderful old bowl!

Two very early handleless cups with lovely scenes...a milkmaid...

...and a dapper gent courting a maiden over tea in the garden...sounds like a perfect way to win her heart.

Have a wonderful week and a joyous and safe Independence Day! 

Enjoy the day,


Thank you for all the lovely comments so many of you left on my last post. Annie is still floating on the kindness and support...and yes love...that she felt from the hundreds of wonderful people who shared her big day. The justices of the Supreme Court of Florida, Senator Bob Graham, family and friends went out of their way to congratulate her in person. And so many of my friends out in blogland congratulated her on my blog...together all of you helped make a day our girl won't soon forget. Mr. MW and I thank you...and Annie thanks you, too...and sends you each a big hug.


  1. Your July kitchen window looks sizzling and ready for the fireworks.
    I'm so happy for Annie, she's one lucky girl to have you as parents and I love to accept her big hugs.
    Hugs back at all of you.
    Enjoy your Independence Day.


  2. Robyn, everything looks just beautiful!

  3. A belated congratulations to Annie! What a special day!!

    Your Judy window is stunning. The Susan Daul print is wonderful and your Mugwumps handmades make the whole display even more special! Happy 4th!

  4. Hi Robyn, love the window display once again. So many wonderful treasures you have, love the homemades, Blessings Francine.

  5. Horray for the red white and blue. Love your transferware! Happy 4th! Janice

  6. Your July window is a standout. So so pretty! I love all the transferware and the soldiers and the beautiful woven pieces too!

  7. Big hugs right back to Annie.
    I love love the new patriotic window.
    Woolie Blessings

  8. Perfect trimmings for our July 4th celebrations...

    Enjoy the day with Peace and Blessings for all,

  9. Hi Robyn! I just found your blog through My Colonial Home...Love it! Your July window is lovely. Such a fan of transferware and the soldier print is a winner. Have a wonderful 4th! Jane

  10. Looks great Robyn, really love that transferware!