Sunday, February 15, 2015

...a little progress...very little

I'm struggling with a rug that I thought would be an easy project. I usually love hooking leaves, but these are giving me some trouble. The smaller one will be redone. 

I almost put the whole thing away. the end, I just could not give up. It's against my nature.


I'd already made this big mess! Might as well keep plugging along. Do you make messes like this when you hook?

I did read this while waiting for inspiration. A great read! Can't wait to see the movie.

If she can walk a thousand miles...alone...I can fix those leaves!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Thankfully I hook in my upstairs "hooking room" so no one sees the mess I've made. Are there really neat hookers? Your rug will be lovely. I am positive about that.
    Happy Sunday to you :)

  2. I make a mess too when I hook no matter how neat I try to be and like Lauren, I hide my mess in a room upstairs. It's impossible to not make a mess.
    Your rug looks beautiful and I'm positive it will be a great rug.

    Have a great day.

  3. Oh Robyn I'd give anything if my messes were as tidy as yours. Later I'll put my mess against yours in my blog. Your rug seems to be coming together just fine.

  4. I love how your rug is turning out.

    Cindy Huxtable

  5. Love your rug so far! The leaves look fine to me. Love the colors! lol about the mess. I don't hook but I do know I can make a good mess when I quilt!

  6. Looks lovely to me! My mess is upstairs, too. But I must confess it follows
    me down the stairs all the time. Don't know how it does that! JULIA

  7. Every time I hook a rug I have a mess everywhere! Your rug looks great to me.
    Hugs, Lori

  8. Yes, I do make a mess when hooking...I am looking at my mess as I type...I have read this book and did enjoy it...I think your rug is coming along nicely...don't give up!!!

  9. The rug looks great, but you have to be satisfied. Maybe this would be the book to take with me next week. I'll check it out - thanks.

  10. Sometimes the simplest designs are the hardest to color plan.
    You might just need to add a darker vein to your leaves.
    It's going to be beautiful!!
    I have a work room on the second floor so my MESS stays there!!!

  11. I love thistle motifs and I am sure your rug will be perfectly beautiful. Patience is a virtue and it works for me when I use it. My Granny hooked rugs but, I found it was not for me, so I have NO advice as I am sure you will make the right choices.
    Say Hi to sweet Annie.
    Peace to all,

  12. Love the sweet design, simple is great I think.... Thanks for the heads up on the read, Blessings Francine.