Thursday, February 26, 2015

Libby Bert & Blooming Roses

I just picked this beauty in my backyard. It is a Don Juan and it has a beautiful scent. This old rosebush just keeps going, turning out roses year after year, for the past twenty some years...even in February.

Making a little progress on "Libby Bert". I was low on a specific blue so I had to order a bit more. Of course it is not the exact color I had, but I will mix it in the best I can. It seems the hooking muses have it out for me lately. Regardless, I am enjoying Libby.

For those of you that asked, the pattern is "Libby Bert". I cannot remember the company and cannot find it anywhere on the internet. Sorry. It is dated 2006 so I've had it a good while. I'm thinking about making her into a pillow with a proddy edge. She'd be cute on my white slipcovered sofa for the summer. Time will tell.

For all of you in the path of this next weather front, stay safe. I know spring is out there somewhere!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Love how your Mzz Liberty is coming along.....maybe someone will recognize who the designer is. The rose is beautiful !!!

  2. Hi Robyn,
    Decided to visit some favorite blogs and yours is one of them! :)
    Love your beautiful RED rose! Just luscious!
    Your rug is really wonderful and coming the patriotic theme! Glad you are enjoying hooking it!!
    Warm Hugs to you and Annie~

  3. Roses blooming in February. That just sounds so lucky for you! Our high for the day is currently 12*, but at least the sun is shining.
    Your rug is just plain F-U-N!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. Oh Robyn, I love those Roses, my favorite. I can never winter them, but the smell is heavenly... Love your Liberty rug, very nice.Blessings Francine.

  5. Very nice to see a Rose blooming especially since so many of us have snow, ice and cold.

  6. Beautiful sampler by that wonderful red rose! So wishing for some flowers to bloom here. We might break a record low tonight...a cold one. Yikes. Janice

  7. Libby is quite the gal ! I am familiar with that particular rose. It is beautiful. What a treat to be bringing in blooms in February !

  8. Love your rug! Hope the blues work out. Looks like you all don't have winter worries -- beautiful rose!

  9. Liberty Bert is looking great. Frankly I like using different values of the same color in a background. I think the mixture of the blues works well so you can see the movement of the hooking. And that is why I enjoy hooking with wool strips rather than yarn too.

    Got hit with another 4" of snow on top of what was left from the 6 1/2" of last week. But thankfully we didn't get here the levels of snow a lot of unfortunately people received.

  10. Can you adopt me? Roses blooming in your backyard garden in February!!!
    I'm so eager to get my fingers in the garden soil and seeing any sign of life outdoors.

    You got a lot done on Liberty Bert. It will make a lovely pillow for the summer.

    Take care,

  11. Such a beautiful rose!!!
    I'm loving your Liberty Bert rug!!