Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Kitchen Window

The robins have arrived at our house!

Mother robin and her baby are nesting in my kitchen window this month.

The month of March is my birthday month, and this year it is what is called a milestone year. I asked my friend, Angela Hillstrom... if she would make a robin for me to help celebrate. Of course, Angela went to work and not only stitched up a wonderful robin...she got my baby girl in as well. Isn't this the sweetest momma bird feeding her baby berries you have ever seen?

Angela's work is so very wonderful...and original! She uses only early fabric and hand stitches every piece. Such clever and creative designs...they are works of art!

Annie loves herself in the red bonnet.  Momma robin is wearing an early doll cape. Her perch is an old rusty spring with berries growing on it.

We will be enjoying this sweet mother robin and her fledgling all month! Annie did ask me where the twinkly lights went. She loves firing them up every evening, so I think they will be back tonight.

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Hi Robyn,

    I've told you before, but I say it again, that I dearly love your windows. This month's window is just a breath of spring. Truly, the mama robin feeding her little one is just as sweet as can be.

    Diane in North Carolina

  2. love your momma & baby robins ~ and I adore angela's works of hand & heart!

  3. I always enjoy seeing your monthly kitchen window! Wish I had a nice big windowsill like your's!! The robins couldn't be sweeter... just love them!! I have a sister named Robin, and am always on the look-out for nice prim robins for her..... Enjoy your birthday month!!

  4. Merry March Robyn.

    Oh my goodness, they are wonderful!!!

    Angela's work is amazing.

    Wishing you a lovely day, doreen

  5. What a sweet momma and baby!
    I can't believe I celebrated that milestone 3 years ago this month. Where, oh where, is the time going?
    Hugs from the snowy north :)

  6. Oh, how i do love the robins!
    The mama one in her cape is adorable, and the sweet baby in her bonnet!
    Happy Birthday, all month long to you!
    Hugs to your darlin' Annie girl!
    I love your window!

  7. I do love your robins they are so darling! Happy birthday this month I am a year away from a big one.

  8. What fun!! Happy Birthday. March is my birthday month and this year is a milestone for me as well. This year marks several milestones for me as we celebrate 40 years of marriage as well as some other special events. I love that your robin helps celebrate your milestone! What a great idea.

  9. Happy Birthday to you Robyn, whenever it happens to be your special day.
    Cute mama and baby robins for your pretty window. I love your new little bird family bonnet and all.
    Happy March.

  10. Such a sweet window -- perfect for spring and for representing you and your sweet girl. Happy birthday month!

  11. Your window looks wonderful!!! Angela does such amazing work!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Morning Robyn, that is the sweetest Robin and chick, what talent she has. Love your March window display, you work wonders. Birthday wishes to you. Hugs Francine.

  13. I look forward to every month just to view your amazing window decor.
    Happy Birthday and your 'Robin' is so special.

    Peace and Blessing to all

  14. I love the design of these robins. I know how much you love red, so that makes this even sweeter !
    Lovely window !
    Happy March Birthday to you ;)

  15. Hi Robyn,
    A most Happy Birthday to you!!! March is also my Birthday month, so we also have that in common, along with our love of RED!!!
    LOVE those sweet Robins too!!! Just perfect for you and Annie!!! Amazing work by the talented Angela!!
    Sending Birthday Hugs, my friend~