Thursday, March 5, 2015

...a finish...maybe

Libby Bert is finished...well, maybe. 

As I mentioned on an earlier post, I might not hook the top and bottom border and turn her into a pillow with a proddy edge. She would be a large pillow at twenty four inches square. 

With the borders she is 24x36. I haven't decided yet. I'm waiting for a new pattern I ordered to arrive and I want to jump right in hooking it. It is a large rug, but one I have wanted to tackle for a long while. More on that later.

I like Libby Bert. I like her folky face and her colors. She's a funky girl!

Aaaaah...what heralds spring better than Daffodils? 

When I was in high school the Key Club sold daffodils on the first day of spring as a fund raiser.  Every grey blazer...and every black habit...was adorned for the day with a happy yellow flower. I bet they still do it to this day!

I know many of you are still struggling with bitter cold temperatures...and many of you have additional snow. I hope that this is the grand finale for Old Man Winter. It's going to be a messy spring thaw! I think our cold temps are done. Our trees are full of tiny chartreuse leaves and the azaleas are already popping. Hang in there!!!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Love your Miss Libby Bert !!! Will make a great pillow ! I really like how you did the pretty !!!

  2. If you finish liberty bert into a pillow, you will be in perfect form for your new pattern when it arrives !

  3. Liberty Bert is commanding attention in a funky way and by her size. That's a large pillow. I'm looking forward to see her finished into a pillow.

    Thanks for your signs of Spring. We're supposed to get some above freezing temperatures sometimes this weekend.


  4. Libby Bert is just too dang precious. She will be wonderful no matter what you decide.
    Nothing like a tease concerning you new rug pattern. I hope you will share it soon.
    Hugs :)

  5. Oh Robyn....Liberty Bert is WONDERFUL!.. Such beautiful colors.

    :)Wishing you a lovely day, doreen

  6. Oh I love her she is just wonderful.

  7. Morning, oh Miss.Liberty is beautiful, love the sunny yellow Daffodils too.Blessings Francine.

  8. Looking forward to what you decide for Lib B.

  9. The colors on your rug are so beautiful! Love it! She will look great whatever you decide to do. Can't wait to see the new project.

  10. Awesome rug Robyn! and . . from still frozen Ohio~ the daffodils remind spring truly IS on it's way . . . one day! :-)