Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Kitchen Window

This July, my kitchen window is simply honoring the flag of our country. The red...white...and blue...the American flag. 

The continental soldiers, a wonderful print from the talented Susan Daul, once again march in time to the fife and drum. You'll find them here every year...always a part of our July window.

Early stoneware...a few flickering candles...and the flag...celebrating July in my kitchen window.

This sweet pillow was stitched by Wendy of Pineberry Lane. 

This little gathering is on our counter...dressed for the 4th. It seems our whole kitchen has gotten into the spirit! 


Last week we were in Boca Raton for the Annual Florida Bar Meeting (convention).  As usual, Annie was in her glory...seeing lots of her friends. 

This photo was snapped right after the new president was sworn in. On Annie's right, Florida Bar  President Ray Abadin, giving her a smooch. On her far left, Immediate Past President Greg Coleman...and on her immediate left...the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court...Justice Jorge Labarga. 

Annie loves being part of the festivities! She has lots of fans that come looking for her when the word gets out she's in the room. Her dad's time as a governor on the board has been such a wonderful learning experience for her...and for those she meets, as well. It makes her father and I so proud to see how she has blossomed over the last eleven years, and to see the many lives she has touched. This group is truly a family to us.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Love your July window. The Susan Daul print has me wishing I had one. One of these days I will make a purchase from her. It's wonderful how the Florida Bar members have become such a family for you all. I love the pic of Annie with all the dignitaries!

  2. Robyn ~
    Your July window is wonderful. I especially love your print and the crocks are magnificent. You have such a knack for putting it all together. Love your header photo, too.
    Annie sure has touched many livees!!!
    Happy 4th to you and your family.
    Hugs :)

  3. How patriotic your window looks! Have a great holiday weekend. Janice

  4. Your print is fabulous, and the stoneware divine. Annie is a popular young lady, obviously very special to your group.

  5. Love the window!
    She's a peach, your precious girl!
    Happy 4th, blessings!

  6. Robyn, I always love how you decorate your kitchen window. It all looks so simple and yet so classy. A true decorator's touch. Such a great print.

    That sweet Annie has everyone on her side. She's such a breath of fresh air. I'm sure she could teach us a lot.

    PS. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I deactivated my Facebook account a long time ago and I'm so glad I did. I found it too much in my face...

    Happy 4th of July... We are celebrating Canada Day here today.

  7. Hi Robyn,
    Beautiful window display! I can't believe it's July already! So happy for Annie. She looks like she is having the time of her life! Hugs, Lori

  8. Hi Robyn,
    Another wonderful display!! You have such a special touch!!
    Annie looks so happy among her group of friends and I know you are so proud of her!!
    I hope you are continuing to feel better!!
    Enjoy the 4th!!
    Warm Hugs~

  9. Always enjoy your displays, and I love the big smile on Annie's face!

  10. I love all the Red, White and Blue on your July windowsill. I adore the sweet Pineberry stitchery. sweet Annie looks so happy, great to see.Hugs Francine.

  11. Susan Daul's folk art is wonderful. Especially love your framed artwork of the revolutionary soldiers in cadence with the drum and fife.
    Yaaaaa for Annie, she looks like she is really enjoying the occasion.
    Love your Blog too.

    Happy 4th to you and your family with Peace to all,

  12. I am always happy to see your Daul print make an appearance, it's fabulous! The rest of your window looks great as well. What a great evening for your precious daughter and a terrific picture of her. Jane

  13. Hi, Robyn, everything looks so wonderful, I especially love your crocks and the soldier print. I ran onto this and immediately thought of you and Annie.