Monday, July 18, 2016

Super Summer!

Hello, friends! We've been busy, busy. The heat is miserable. The events taking place in our country and around the world are horrific and so very sad. I've been trying to shield Annie from all the goings on. She has so many questions...and I just don't have any least not any that make sense.

In an effort to lighten my mood I loaded some pics and thought I'd share some of what we've been up to.

In June, we attended the Annual Florida Bar Convention. Always a highlight for Annie, this year did not disappoint. This past year was my husband's last year on the Board of Governors as he chose not to run again...twelve years...six terms...time to move on. However, the incoming president did not want him to guy is a workhorse and they call him the "voice of reason". So, he is now the newly appointed Parliamentarian of the Florida Bar. Annie is thrilled! She was not looking forward to leaving her board family.

So...over the next year we will be continuing our tradition of lunching in the lobby. 

The convention highlights...Daddy got an award for his dedication, integrity and intellectual excellence for his work on the Disciplinary Committee. He made life changing decisions that were right and deserving, but difficult. He did a difficult job with great integrity. 

Annie and I are so proud...he is such a fine and humble man, and so well respected.

Of course, Annie was given a present by the outgoing president Ray Abadin... 

...a cuddly fleece blanket with Florida Bar Board of Governors seal and her name embroidered on it.
Lots of hugs and kisses and clapping followed. What a day!

That evening the festivities culminated in a big ole' party. The theme this year was all about New Orleans.

That's the new president and his wife leading a traditional "Second Line Parade" with a band from New Orleans as they entered the ballroom where the party was held.

Would you believe both the new president and the past president were undergrad classmates at Tulane? One parked cars and the other was a bartender while attending the university. Who would believe they would be back to back presidents of the Florida Bar? So they flew in a band to help celebrate the day! It was grand!!!


On August ninth, Annie will turn thirty. The celebrating has already begun.

Two of Annie's favorite people made a special trip to help her kick off her birthday celebration.

These wonderful friends drove four hours from Ft. bring her balloons, gifts, smiles, and lots of hugs and kisses.

They laughed their way through lunch together. 

They played some games. This is a matching game that is photos of all Annie's friends so they were matching pics of themselves which was kind of fun.

 And then they got back in their rental car (so they could both drive and have insurance coverage) and drove the four hours home.

How very blessed is my girl to have such women in her life. I rest a little easier knowing I have friends like these.  

We are women of different races and different faiths. But to us, we are simply friends. We don't see the differences. 
My friend on the left loves traveling to Israel, and on her last trip she brought me a rosary and a little donkey carved from an olive tree. I carry the rosary with me in my purse, and the donkey stands on my sewing table next to my chair. The little beast of burden is my talisman and reminds me to take slow and steady steps on this journey. We share the same name and were married on the exact same day. My friend on the right and I would probably do a lot of damage to our bank accounts if we lived closer to each other. We both love Brahmin bags...we are confessed "bag ladies". We share the same taste in so many things. This friend lifts me up in so many ways. Her joy is contagious. Her heart is even more beautiful than her face. 

I love these ladies...and I know they love me...and my daughter. 

Recent events have made me so sad. I wish we could all just get along. 

Have a great week...stay cool...and slip in a little prayer for peace.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Hello Robyn, your post made me smile when the world is in such a terrible state. Love the pictures of Annie and her friends, she is such a sweetie. Congrats to your Hubby, how wonderful!!!!! Enjoy the rest of summer though I'm so tired of the humidity... Blessings Francine.

  2. What a precious post!!! I am so glad your husband got an award. That is very important. Happy birthday to Annie. My son just turned 30 its a big milestone for Mom's too isn't it? I love your basket on your door. Have a lovely week.

  3. Woohoo for your hubby! Happy birthday to Annie. Looks like she had fun already. Janice

  4. Congratulations to your husband and I hope Annie's birthday is filled with fun and laughter. So special to have such dear friends, and married on the same day!

  5. It looks and sounds like you have so many wonderful things in your life. A very happy Birthday to Annie I will be hitting a big number in August too but much bigger than Annie's.

  6. Congratulations to your husband. Sounds like he worked hard, with integrity and deserved it, very much. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. It sounds like she had a great time visiting friends.

  7. Dear Robyn, I'm so glad I came by for a visit today. What a special occasion to celebrate in grand style. Congratulations to your husband for setting the bar so high, so to speak and being given an award. Integrity, humility and hardworking are three virtues that I hold dear to my heart. You have every right to be proud of him. It's hard to let a good man go. Congratulations to him on his new appointment.

    I can see how proud and pleased Annie is too. I'm so glad that she has such good people in her life. What a gift she is to you. I'll join the others to wish Annie HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY too. I hope that she has another celebration on her birthday in August.

    My blog is now set on private but I haven't posted anything since I stop blogging.
    My life on the farm has been busier than ever this year and I'm getting a lot of things i wanted to do checked off my long list.

    Yes, I'll join you in prayers for peace, justice, love and forgiveness in the world.
    Wishing you and your family a peaceful summer.

  8. It is such a sad time for our country. I've gotten so that often times in the afternoon, I think I should turn on the news to see if anything has happened. My kids are camping this week in the Minn. wilderness & I'm so happy for them. Then left all electronics in their car & no one was complaining. Tell Annie to have a wonderful 30th birthday & she must feel very special to have friends who would come that long distance to help her celebrate. Good friends are the best! It's very hot in Mo. also & I have grand dogs for the week. They don't even want to go outside. I will continue to pray for your list of needs and think I'll add understanding. Take care, Jan

  9. Congrats to hubby. You and Annie are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.
    Happy, happy birthday to Annie.
    The world is so scary. I fear for my sons and grandson.
    Hugs :)

  10. So Annie and I share a birthday! I will think of her as I hit the big 60 this year.

  11. Congratulations to your hubby! Looks like you all have been enjoying some good times! I agree, things in this world are so scary and sad right now. I can't imagine being filled with so much hate. :(

  12. A lovely post! Congratulations to your DH. He seems like such a wonderful man. And happy birthday to Annie! I hope she gets to celebrate from now till after her actual birthday. It must be hard to keep all the terrible happenings in the world from Annie. It just seems like one thing after another occurs.

  13. A beautiful and thoughtful post as always. Embracing diversity one hug at a time...if only!

  14. Hi Robyn
    What a fun delightful post. And congratulations to your husband for all his achievements and honors.
    Lunch in the lobby/lounge - could it get more fun than that??

    What very special friend Annie has - and how could she not. She's a delight.
    A Happy Birthday to Annie next month.

  15. Running very far behind, but so happy to see this post, your lovely birthday girl and your dear husband! You are blessed! Hope all of you enjoy your fall upcoming season. Looking forward to your little pumpkin man, he always makes me smile when I see you fall posts! Blessings multiplied unto thee!

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