Monday, December 4, 2017

My dollies...

 I am happy to tell you my old Canon camera received some TLC on Saturday and it is up and running. We visited Best Buy with the intention of purchasing a new camera. I had tossed the broken one in my purse before we left the house so I could do some comparison shopping. As luck would have it, the fellow that was our salesman was actually a rep from Canon. Long story short...he fiddled around and got my camera working. He spent a lot of time getting it working and I all but offered to adopt him when he was finished. I was so happy! I really like my little point and shoot and did not want to have to buy a new one. It was a good day!

So...I have been taking a few pics around the house. Lately, I have been drawn to antique doll cradles. I now have three that I consider to be pieces of folk art.

This one is painted grey with black painted squiggles. It is signed on the inside in a lovely early script. It dates to the 1800's. I am using this gem under the tree...filled with early toys and books.

The large bear is early with a hump on his back and elongated arms...a real sweetie. The fox has little fur left but is still charming. The old Christmas books are part of a collection I started many years ago. The black and white dog I purchased from the wonderful folk artist Anne Childs. The dolls...both of these little dolls are from my family and each has a story.

The large doll is even older than I am! My grandmother was the president of The Washington Women's Club when I was very young. It was a service club...much like the Junior League is today. The ladies had this older doll that they dressed and raffled off for charity. My grandfather...Pop Pop...won the doll and supposedly said he knew right where that doll was me. Her clothes have been replaced by me with a more time appropriate dress and shoes. Her pretty face has cracked with age and I had her restrung years ago when her original bands dry rotted. I keep her...Pop Pop's I have always called her...on the counter in my laundry room. I see her every day.

The smaller doll belonged to my great uncle. Before he married my great aunt, he had a wife and young daughter that died in an epidemic in the early 1900's. The doll had belonged to his daughter. He was much older than my aunt so he was like a grandfather to me. The doll sat on the back of their sofa and I admired her every year when we would visit them on our annual trip to Florida. Many years later, after they were both gone, the doll went to my mother and my mother gave her to me. Uncle Mason's Doll is wearing an early red dress that is not original to her....but looks smashing on her for the holidays! She is wearing her original red leather shoes.

Two little dolls from my gifted to me by my cherished of my most favorite people. The other...passed down through a beloved uncle. Two little dolls, from different sides of my family, full of memories of loved ones gone...but never forgotten. Two little dolls under the Christmas tree.


Time is slipping away and I have much to I'm sure you all do, as well. Why does December fly by at break neck speed? The tree may or may not get decorated...I vote for the latter. I like just the lights and so far a certain daughter has not objected.  I told MR. MW last year that I wasn't going to put up a tree this year...fatigue talking. I relented and we brought home a much smaller the end I just could not go without a real tree...the German in me, no doubt. Annie's Owl Tree is up and decorated...and two feather trees are done. I'll be back with Bits of Christmas....sometime.

                                                             Enjoy the day,


  1. Very sweet. I collect antique ornaments so I am happy to see them once a year on the tree

  2. What a delightful post. I, too, love doll cribs and those doll stories are just fantastic.

  3. What a sweet story about your dollies. Delightful vignette in the cradle.
    December does fly by!
    Hugs :)

  4. Hi Robyn,
    Such a sweet story of treasured dollies! The cradle, books, and stuffed animals all go together so well!! I’m behind on my decorating, too, but will just put on some Christmas music and take my time!! I know it will eventually get done!! I’m also very happy your camera was fixed!! I would have wanted to adopt him, too!!
    Enjoy your week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs to you and Annie~

  5. A lovely story about your two dolls. So special. I have a doll who I believe is made the same way as the one from your grandfather. It was my mother's so it is precious to me. I hear you on the decorating. I find it to be a chore more and more as time goes on. It's sad. So great on the Canon rep being there and being able to fix your camera! Yay!

  6. How nice to be gifted with such wonderful dolls Robyn. They look so perfect with their other companions in your early cradle under the tree. It is so nice to have memories like that and thank you for sharing with all of us as well. Janice

  7. How nice to have your trusty little point and shoot Canon camera fixed by accident. I love the familiar too.
    I was in Best Buy on Sunday and bought a new MacBook Air laptop and I'm just getting acquainted with it. My computer wiz son in law set it up for me. So complicated to do.I'm glad he was visiting....

    My tree is pared down too this Christmas. The same tree but less ornament.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. What a fun read!!! I loved knowing the history of your precious dolls. Not many are in as good a condition as yours are and most never survive.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. How fortunate you are to have those treasures. And I love that one is enjoyed every day. Adorable bear too.


  10. I have three cradles too - none that old but still vintage. I made little quilts for them plus mattresses too. I like your idea of adding dolls, stuffed animals and books to them. I have all those things so guess what I will be doing once I shut down my computer.
    Enjoy your blog and your decorating.

    Happy holidays to you and your family!

  11. I loved hearing your story about the two dolls.
    Completely understanding your comment about 'fatigue talking' (which I do often) - made me laugh.
    So glad your camera is on board again.

  12. So very nice to see those dolls and the remembrance stories that make them so special. I love your cradle. It does look so pretty filled with all of your wonderful things. Yes, Christmas is like that I think.
    So busy all good, but just so tiring. Have a lovely rest of the week.

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