Friday, March 1, 2019


Hello, friends. Spring is popping up all over down here. Our trees have shed their leaves and that lovely spring green is providing a lush canopy overhead for our spring visitors.

And we've had lots of visitors. The past four days have found our yard, and the yards of our neighbors, covered with robins. I love robins! It was pouring rain the other day, and dozens of these sweet birds were pulling up worms with vigor. It was amazing to watch!

Yesterday, I spied three of them in the day for the girls.
They scattered when they heard me at the window, but I did get a snap of the one remaining brave birdie. I shared it with Annie while she soaked in the tub and we both grinned ear to ear. 

These pics are of years past, but I think I have solved my new camera dilemma. I found the cord I need to transfer photos from camera to Mac. That card reader thingie was ridiculous! This new camera has caused me a lot of angst. At upwards of seven hundred dollars, I would like to be able to use it for blogging! Fingers crossed. 

I know lots of folks count fall as their favorite season, but for's spring. It puts me in a good mood. I love the colors. I love robins, and bunnies and green.

I love the flowers!

Annie is excited about spring, too. Yes, that's her foot in the orange. This is not the funniest sleeping position I've caught her in...but, it's up there in the top ten. Believe me, she is happy about spring...when she's awake.

Angela Hillstrom robin

I hope to get back to regular blogging when I get my camera up and running. In going through pics for this post, I realized how this blog has documented Annie's life for many years. All the lovely friends, the encouraging comments from so many of you, the sharing of has made me smile more often than you will ever know.
It's not something I want to stop doing. Again, fingers crossed. 

Hope spring will be arriving at your homes soon.

Enjoy the day,


Amazon Prime just delivered my new works!!!

 Taken yesterday, 2/28 through the sunroom window.


  1. Spring for me is the most fleeting of the seasons. We go from gloomy snow to gloomy rain and then the sun comes out in June!! I would not know what to do with a good camera except how to transfer to the computer. Good luck!!

  2. You've shared so many of my favorites ~ robins, daffodils and bunnies! And your sweet Annie, too! So glad that you will continue blogging. I know that my blog has been a diary for me :)
    Hope your camera troubles are soon behind you!
    Blessings, Patti

  3. That is how I feel about my blog, I have too much history in it to just let it go by the wayside. I love how green everything is and how nice the bunnies are and all of the robins!
    That is such a sweet sleeping position you caught Annie in. My youngest son sleeps like that too. It always makes me laugh. I wouldn't be able to move in the morning. I hope you get to use your new camera with your blog. Happy March.

  4. Oh to be that limber to be able to sleep in that position
    I am in Florida right now and what a nice break it is we have been so cold I am enjoying the sun.

  5. I'm glad Spring has arrive to your place. It's so nice seeing the robins return every year. It gives me hope that someday it will arrive here too. Spring is my favorite season because everything is coming to life.

    We are still in the grip of winter but with only 19 days to official Spring, I better try to get in shape to work outdoors once the snow melt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't flood as bad as last year.

    Oh my goodness, how can Annie sleep comfortably in the pretzel position? That is amazing...
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Happy March and Happy Spring from one Robin to another..... All that green looks positively heavenly! As I type, it is once again snowing here...Snowdog’s mountain is so tall now he has to look down to see in the house. I can relate about the camera issue...I had an old 35mm I loved, and it was easy to upload photos to my pc...,but then it went kerplooey. I picked up another little (inexpensive) digital camera as we were going on vacation and it is definitely NOT an easy task to get photos from the camera to the pc. I would like to get a DSLR, but not if it’s going to be so cumbersome to get the photos, I continue on with my poor quality phone photos sigh. That last photo of the robin in the birdbath is belongs in a magazine! And LOL at Annie....I hurt just looking at her! Say hello to spring for me.... Robin

  7. The robins come back to Michigan usually in February, but I have not seen them yet. I LOVE BUNNIES! They are so adorable. I actually use my I-phone to take pictures now for my blog. The pics come out clearer. Just email the pics to myself, then download them into my computer. Love the pic of Annie too! Hope you have an awesome weekend! Janice

  8. Annie looks like a I know you have talked about her limberness (is that a real word?) in the past. Yes, you have documented much about Annie on your blog. We have grown very fond of that sweetie. So happy you will be blogging more.
    Love that picture of the Robin in the birdbath!
    I hope spring comes to northern Ohio soon 😊

  9. Thank you for reminding me what sunshine looks like. At over 12.5”, February in Nashville this year was the wettest on record. We’re about an hour north and most likely broke the same record. On a brighter note the daffodils were about 6 weeks early. Love that photo of Annie. I’m in your cheering section as far as your camera goes. Happy Sring. Judy

  10. beautiful series of photos.
    have a great day