Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Notre Dame

Stone carved statue in the National Cathedral
Washington, D.C.

My heart was breaking as I watched the flames rise from the Cathedral of Notre Dame yesterday. Having had such a moving visit to the National Cathedral in D.C. recently, I am so very sad to see such beauty destroyed. 

I was awed by the magnificence of Notre Dame at the age of twenty one. The Rose Windows were works of art, as well as works of devotion. The beauty...made by the hands of men...was beyond description with words. The centuries old wood was gorgeous. 

As I said here after our visit to the cathedral in D.C., it is beyond a spiritual experience. It is a monument of hope. It is a vessel of devotion. It is a testament of faith. It is a source of serenity and solace for those who seek comfort within it's walls. Notre Dame was all these things, and more. I hope it will be again.

 I am so grateful to have had that experience...seeing Notre Dame...so many years ago.
I like visiting churches...and lighting candles. It's not so much a religious thing as a spiritual thing. I like that these houses of worship can unite us, even as they lay in rubble and ash.

What a painful day yesterday.

Enjoy the day,


  1. So beautifully said - well done. I never had the opportunity to see Notre Dame but feel a great sadness. Thank you for posting.

    1. I think a good bit of the world is sad today. Thanks for visiting MWW.

  2. My heart was breaking, too. I experienced it during college and again in 2002. Such a treasure.

  3. I'm so glad I was able to study in Europe and see so many wonderful places before I stopped flying!!! A treasure, indeed.

  4. I literally shut down. I HAD to shut off the TV ~ There was nothing more for me to do, but just sit quietly and send positive-ness to those trying to save the Cathedral and it's contents... what an awful thing to happen to such an important part of this Earth's history ~

  5. When I hear the news about the fire I had the same reaction to other shocking news...I couldn't believe it. This is such a loss to the world and especially France. I still am having a hard time believing it, how could this happen??!

  6. I was in shock and numb when I first heard about the fire. Such a devastating loss...but happy to hear so many are donating to restore it to its glory. Janice

  7. For various reasons, I don’t listen to much news...so I learned of it from my husband and I was shell-shocked. When I was there (also when I was studying abroad and when I was 21...gee, could we have been there somewhere around the same time??), I stayed directly across the river from it....and even from there, it’s presence was larger than life. And all you said was said so eloquently and so spot-on.... It made my heart hurt in places I had almost forgotten. ~Robin~

  8. Like others have said, Robyn, you said everything so eloquently. My late daughter Nicole was there. She always visited every cathedrals wherever she went.
    It is so heartbreaking. I'm am optimistic that something good will come of it. It has to be. There is so much history there that connects all. I'm glad they are rebuilding it.

    Take care and have a Happy Easter.
    Hugs, Julia