Thursday, March 19, 2020


Good morning! Hope everyone is staying home and staying healthy. What a challenging and scary time!

We are suppose to be here this week. We had reservations to spend the entire week at the beautiful Williamsburg Inn and take in all the sites of this American treasure. Instead, we worked a thirty six inch puzzle of fifers and drummers on the green. Some day...

The disappointment of scuttled plans pales in comparison to the anxiety and fear I have felt these past days. Keeping my family healthy is my top priority. I'm sure we all share this ultimate goal.

Explaining all this to Annie is a full time job. She is always full of questions, but these days there is an anxious edge to them. 

We have been doing puzzles and watching movies. Reading and coloring are also diversions. 

And I have been stitching on HEIOTS.

Pulling needle through linen is the best way for me to settle my frayed nerves. Unless, it involves this bloody tree. It is huge and menacing, and has forced me to stray from the program and stitch a motif or two just to get away from it for awhile. (Marly...Samplers and Santas...a fellow tree struggler, you are not alone.) Starting today, I'm forcing myself to work only on this tree till it is done. My personal mantra..."I can do hard things."

My freeform daffodils make me smile!

My thoughts are with those who are suffering...from illness, uncertainty, lost wages...from the sheer desperation these days bring. The unknown is a terrifying place. 

Take good care, my friends...and wash your hands.

Enjoy the day,


  1. I feel your tree pain! LOL!! The outline of branches offers room for errors but it can affect everything close by!
    I hope your lovely family stays safe and busy. We are downsizing closets and washing walls. Deciding what to keep is taking longer than I expected, especially when it involves trying on clothes. But I'm keeping retailers busy online by replacing donated with new!

    1. What is with these @#$% trees? I've lost count on mistakes and am long past worrying about them! The UPS man and I are on a first name basis! Thank heaven we live in the day of Amazon. My washer and dryer never stop.

  2. the world is going to heal ~ we must take care to as well.
    your sampler is beautiful!

  3. Thanks, Lori. It is a good time to reevaluate and simplify. Annie and I are already homebodies...much like you and Peter. It suits us, as it does you. Take care.

  4. my grand daughter's christmas gift to Harry potter world at universal has been put on hold too. she was a good trooper and took it in stride.
    It is scary and I too am doing all I can to keep us healthy and fed.

  5. It is disappointing when you make plans for a long time and suddenly it's a no go. Hopefully, a little disappointment is the worst we have to contend with in this fearful time. Take care.

  6. So sorry you missed your trip, but staying healthy is your first priority now...for all of us. We are living in a weird time right now. That stitching is amazing. One I would never be able to complete. Good luck on the tree! Janice

  7. Stitching is good medicine! Thanks for visiting, Janice...stay healthy.

  8. How very disappointing for you and the family! I guess I am better suited to this mess than most as I spend the vast majority of my time alone and am quite good at entertaining myself. Food, however, might prove a bit more challenging since apparently this crisis has brought out the selfish in many and they are hoarding food without a care to those who come after them. and Marly crack me up with your tree issues. Won't anyone be calling either of you tree huggers ha ha. That stitching is just looks positively HUGE! How big is it anyways? Stay safe and well...give Miss Annie a virtual hug from me and the Snowdog.... ~Robin~

  9. Yes, a very challenging time for all.
    I too started a puzzle, I must admit I have not done this in over five decades, but it’s something to do.
    We love Williamsburg, we visited several year back in the fall and was hoping to visit this year in the spring, I can only image how beautiful it would have been with all the beautiful flowers, maybe next year. We enjoy going when there are not long lines.
    I see your coming along on your project, can’t wait to see yours done. I visited a store near us called Silver Needle, Tulsa, Ok to look at your project, I prefer yours with the older looking linen, though it was quite beautiful! I left empty handed, but enjoyed all the beautiful projects that they have, hundreds I kid you not.
    I pray for the uncertainty of everyone, especially our younger generation,
    Debbie Binam

  10. Hi Robyn,
    I feel like I have been out of the loop for a good while, due to such a busy Jan and Feb and thought I could slowly get back to normal in March! Now life has turned upside down and nothing seems normal, but I guess we just take each day as it comes! So very sad you could not go to Williamsburg but so very wonderful that you have that amazing puzzle! It looks so real and of course, I LOVE all the red!!! lol
    I am keeping busy creating and have actually been hooking a rug that I started recently and this has truly helped me to deal with all the craziness! Jeff and I both work from home anyway, so am happy to be where I feel safe and can do what I love!! I trust that things will get better soon and cling to that hope!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family to stay safe and well!!
    Big Heart Hugs to you and Annie, my friend~
    Julie xo

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