Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Another day...just like the last one

Hello friends...hope you are all well. We've added a rainbow, a polka dotted tree and a flag to our neighborhood mural. It's had it's picture taken by more than a few people passing by.
 Last Saturday we all stood at this window and watched the best parade. The little guy across the street turned three and was celebrated by our local fire department. His dad is the kind fellow who took Mr.MW to the E.R. and is a Fire Department lieutenant. Firetrucks with horns honking and lights flashing made several loops around the block...lots of big guys waving and hollering greetings to this sweet little boy. Lots of cars filled with friends...and kids were part of the parade as well. We smiled all day. It was grand!!! 

We're still working on puzzles. Our dining room table is "puzzle central". This beauty is next up...lovely feather with a bit of gold foil. I've ordered a special edition of Where the Wild Things Are from Amazon.  It comes out this month. It's a surprise for Annie...she loves Max. We have a Max doll my late mother in law bought for her when she was little. He travels with us and sits in console of the car to help navigate...an honored member of the family.

So...I'm looking for my new cross stitch project. Have you stitchers seen this Project Quarantine? 

 It's in my current pile.

I'm itching to get stitching since I finished His Eye is on the Sparrow.

I need to add my initials and date in the vine cartouche at the top. Haven't decided what I want exactly. 
I finished this last week and every day since I miss working on it. 


Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery has created a companion piece...Consider the Lilies. It is the same size as HEIOTS but the colors are more pastel. The focus is on flowers where the majority of motifs in HEIOTS are animals. At this point, all I have is the pattern. Everything is on back order because of the virus. Hoping to see the linen and needed thread arrive sometime in June. 


 I have a decision to make. Since my last project was so large, I think I might enjoy George & Martha...it's nice and small.

Cross stitching has become my favorite go to stress reliever. It's easier for me to pick up on the fly and makes less of a mess in my house than rug hooking. These days my furniture is covered by plain old dust rather than wool dust!

I hope you all are keeping busy during this trying time. I have to admit it makes me smile when I hear parents home with their kids, trying to help them keep up with their school work. They have gained a little insight into what teachers experience. And they only have a few kids! That saying, about those who can't...teach...maybe after this it will be stricken from the lexicon once and for all! Good riddance. 

My one and only student is getting very tired of staying home. She asks me every day can she go to Michael's when this is all over...she needs stickers.

Take care out there...stay well.

Enjoy the day,


  1. a beautiful neighborhood mural indeed! so thankful for kind friends and neighbors ~ your HEIOTS finish is just gorgeous!
    waiting for linen to come too :(
    stitch on my friend, and Hello Annie! <3

    1. Thanks so much, Lori. We have been in this neighborhood for thirty one years and we love it! xo

  2. I love your finished piece what a accomplishment. My grand daughter went to her school parade the teachers paraded through town while the kids sat in the cars. One mom had a sign that said "No she is not a pleasure to have in class no matter what you say." lol.
    It is hard but I have enjoyed the time at home working full time was hard these last couple of years I longed to be home.
    I just miss the social end of it all. and my family.

    1. We have had a total of three parades in our neighborhood. One that was so loud...and joyful...was for a friend coming home after being treated for leukemia. She had to be quarantined in a condo her husband rented that was close to her treatment center. I think this time between parents and children will, in the long run, will be beneficial for both. Stay well.

  3. Michael's has curbside pickup from online shopping after choosing your store's location. JoAnn's is open! I can't figure out the hit and miss of which businesses can be open. Our bookstore just opened, but retail has not. ??? I am so confused!

    1. I have a big box of "stuff" Annie doesn't know about. I pull a goodie for her out now and then. She's stir crazy like most of us. We have taken one car ride to pick up folding rocking chairs I bought for sitting outside. Ace Hardware has curb service, too. Stay well.

  4. I love your window art. It adds interest to the neighbourhood. Congratulation for finishing your big cross stitch piece. I'm looking forward to seeing progress on your next piece.
    Stay safe and healthy.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thanks so much, sweet lady. Hope you and yours are doing well. xo

  5. I love the stitcheries you did, they are a big accomplishment and very artistic. How upbeat that the fire trucks helped the neighbor boy celebrate his birthday. Fun for everyone to see.

    1. Every little boy should have a birthday celebration with real firetrucks! Thanks for coming by.

  6. I am still amazed at this sampler that you finished. I would NEVER be able to accomplish this one. Kuddos to you. Look forward to seeing your next one. How nice for folks to pay tribute to that birthday boy! I love hearing stories about this. Janice

  7. Thanks for the kind words. I really miss sewing on that beauty. It was such a fun celebration for our little neighbor! Stay well.

  8. HEIOTS always takes my breath away. You must have really loved stitching on it that you are ready to tackle another of equal size.
    Hopefully you and your student can get to Michael's soon :) This quarantine is wearing thin. I wonder what our "new normal" is going to be.

  9. I did love stitching it...and I'm missing it. I shop on line for so many things already, I think Michael's will be added to the list. But how I miss Target! "Normal" will definitely be something new for all of us. Stay well.

  10. Hi Robyn and Annie!
    Your window is so cheery and fun and I know it has to make so many of your friends and neighbors happy!! Thanks for sharing it with us, too!
    That stitched piece is just INCREDIBLE and I so admire your patience to get it done!! Now you want to do the other piece, and can't wait to see that one started!! Looks like you and Annie both have lots of wonderful projects to keep you busy!!! The parade sounds like it was so much fun and what a great neighborhood you live in!! Happy that these challenging times have not put a damper on what is so very important to us all........friendship!!!!
    These times seem to be affecting us all and we are being drawn to what we truly love and what gives us comfort and contentment!! I recently hooked a rug, my first in a LONG TIME, and I am so happy to see it done and have such a sense of accomplishment!! We all need those little victories, don't we??
    Hope your Mr. continues to keep well, and that you and Annie find joy in each day!!
    Take care and stay safe and well and enjoy all those wonderful projects!!
    Heart Hugs to you both~
    Julie xoxo

  11. Mugwumps were little characters in Baum's book series which included The Wizard of OZ. We used to have the whole set of books. I do not remember what their description was.

  12. Congratulations on that amazing (almost) finish of HEIOT!!! I have stitched a great deal, but don't think I could keep my attention on one piece that long. What an incredible piece that is!!! And such ambitious ones in your line up as well LOL. I love, love, love your and Annie's mural! What a treasured memory piece that will be! We are quasi-"open" here in Wisconsin as our supreme court struck down the governor's extension of the stay at home order last week (the extension would have legally (at least in some of us legal-minded folks' minds) required legislative approval which he did not obtain)....but I am not thinking things will ever again be back to "normal"...whatever that was. Tell Annie I miss Michael's too...ours doesn't have curbside pickup.... Stay well and safe! ~Robin~

  13. I am simply in awe of that piece and you're anxious to tackle another! Impressive as all heck. I don't think my hands could handle it any longer. I have issues after opening a few jars.
    Your window sparks such joy - if only every window encouraged happiness we would all be better off than we are now with a leader encouraging intolerance and hate. On line I have found supplies for just about everything. The key is to manage getting free delivery as that all adds up. stay safe stay well z

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