Sunday, February 3, 2013

February kitchen window...

My February kitchen window is simple...a little red, a little pewter...and a single polka dotted birdie by Norma Schneeman.

The red tulips were out in abundance at our local red tulips! Through the window you can see my hooking chair and a bit of my floor's calling me...telling me it's been idle far too long. 

Annie is the Keeper of the Light in our house...she fires them up at the same time every evening. I love when my little house is lit with the warm glow of candles and lanterns...they make any home more cozy.

Love anything with polka dots....especially red birds! She sits upon an early painted red pantry of my favorite things.

A simple window this February...


If you ever get to Tallahassee be sure to stop's the best!


There is a big football game here today...I'll be pulling for the Ravens. How can you not root for Michael Oher after The Blind Side?


Happy Birthday, Mr.MW! Your girls love you lots!


Enjoy the day,

p.s...our ole' Volvo made a full recovery!


  1. Robyn ~
    It's hard to believe that February is already here. I'm glad January is done (one month closer to spring!). As always, your window is just perfect.
    Happy, happy day to the Mister.
    So glad the Volvo made a full recovery.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi Robyn,
    I love the tulips, flowers just seem to brighten a room.
    Happy B'day to your hubby!

    Enjoy the game!

  3. Oh so pretty, love the tulips and I agree, light the candles and lanterns, so cozy! Happy Birthday to your husband!

  4. Happy Birthday Mr.MW!
    Lovely window decorations.
    I love your geranium post too.

  5. Happy Birthday to Mr MW!!!Have a great day with your gals!!!
    Beautiful kitchen window~ just flows perfectly~ love the pewter with the tulips!!!
    Peaceful & cozy~

  6. Hi Robyn, your windowsill looks so pretty with a hint of the red birdie.......Happy Bday to Mr.....Enjoy the day, Francine.

  7. Happy birthday to Mr. MW! Glad your Volvo made a full recovery too. Love your February window! Gorgeous! I love red. lol!

  8. Robyn, your February kitchen window is simply beautiful. You have just the right touch. It looks warm and inviting and thanks to Annie, it's even warmer with the the light on.

    Happy Birthday to mMr. MW.


  9. So very sweet I love it when I come home in the evening and my husband has all of our lights on.
    I need to get back to the rug frame also.
    I hope my old car come back it had to be towed on Saturday:(

  10. Love your February window display. The red tulips are beautiful. Happy Birthday to Mr. MW.

  11. Your window, inspiring as always, reminded me I have a choclate heart mold somewhere in a good save place. It's time to dig it out. Happy Birthday Mr. Mugwunp!

  12. Your February window is so romantic! I also love your header pic with all of the tin hearts! Have a great week and yeah for the Raven's..we wanted them to win too! Janie