Monday, February 25, 2013


With Spring peeking around the corner, we are enjoying our own little garden right here in the house. Annie and I planted our tiny plants in a large glass cylinder. We are having fun watching all the new growth on these tiny beauties. The plants look hardy and we are hoping this little garden stays healthy for a long time. 

These are the sweet pink hearts I was lucky enough to win in Janice's giveaway over at Prims by the Water...aren't they yummy? They had a harried journey getting  here...but I'm so glad they finally did! Thank you Janice! They look good enough to eat!

This is how Mr. MW spent his Sunday morning. Even though the race started at 6:00 a.m. the temps were already high...close to eighty degrees and the humidity was way up there as well. The night before the race they sent out an email to warn people to hydrate and wear light clothing. The only clothing Mr. MW wears is his shorts, shoes and socks, and his running hat...and before the race he lost a third of those. Standing in a mass of bodies waiting for the starting gun...the guy in front of him was stretching and managed, somehow, to catch his foot on Mr.MW's shorts...inadvertently pulling them his ankles...what??? "Did everybody laugh?", I asked when he relayed this silliness to me...his reply, "Nobody even noticed we were so squashed together and it was still dark out...I just reached down and pulled them up and the race started."

If you happen to know a serious runner, you know they are a little different from the rest of us. The outfit I described earlier...that's my husband's running apparel no matter what the temperature...ninety two degrees...or 29 degrees...shorts, shoes and socks, and hat...that's it. He's had elderly women scream at him that he was going to "catch pneumonia"!  He's had folks, who were once hardy Northerners but who now don parkas and mufflers to walk the dog when temperatures dip into the forties, yell "You're crazy!" at him. He says as long as he's moving he's o.k...and he did grow up in Connecticut. Whatever!

Me? My exercise this weekend was pulling a few loops. 

Have a great week!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Oh your lion is wonderful!!! Love the mane so far! lol about your DH's shorts! OMG! I'm glad no one noticed! I have a DH who always wears sandals, no matter the temperature or weather. The only exception is if there is so much snow outside he can't do it. lol! He's also had people say he's crazy. Lovely plants -- I'm glad the terrarium is doing well!

  2. Robyn,

    You do my kind of exercise! I did watch basketball this weekend - does that count? I've been running up and down the stairs today doing laundry for those 2 boys that play basketball.....

    Our middle child (boy) is a runner and his cross country uniform has short shorts. He does not like them at all! He wears compression shorts underneath the short shorts, the compression shorts come down to his knees. His dad and I have a good laugh at him! ~Ann

  3. Hi those hearts from Janice and your lion is coming along great, Francine.

  4. Good evening Robyn, creating a terrarium is a wonderful idea for this time of the year, oh to see something green growing. My hat is off to your husband, such a dedicated runner. When you have something work for ya why change it, but you must keep your shorts pulled up! I have to say, runners, those that I have encountered, never appear very happy, they appear to be in agony, must be due to the fact they're in the ZONE!...Very sweet hearts from Janice, congratulations on the win...Sending greetings from snowy Maine, Julie.

  5. Robyn ~
    Mr. MW sure is dedicated . Ack! I can't imagine seeing him running when it is cold. I'd probably be yelling at him, too!
    LOVE your lion!
    Hugs :)

  6. I loved those hearts Janice made, they look yummy!

  7. Good thing hubby was surrounded by lots of folks, or that would have been a sight. So glad you finally received your hearts...I was just thinking if you had gotten them yet. I wish there was someone close to me who could teach me how to is something I do want to learn. Loved your bunnies too! Janice

  8. Loved the little plants, had to laugh at your husband story, just too good to keep, will tell my own when he comes in tonight! have a great week!

  9. I had to LOL at your hubby's short story!! I recently found out I have arthritis in my back so have to overdress when I go running!!
    Love your little hearts, congrats on the win.