Sunday, February 10, 2013


Sunday...the first day of Valentine's Day Week. This is a post about the color very favorite color. The color that can't help but cheer a gloomy day. 

Here are a few favorite things...wearing my favorite red. Hope you will share some red with us this week!

... a scrap of a velvet crazy quilt

...a tiny, early pin cushion that bears a striking resemblance to Clifford

...early red doll dresses

...wonderful sampler box by Marly from Samplers and Santas blog shoes pantry box with early red paint

...a fine gentleman by Anne Childs

...early painted red bowl with "mends"

Don't you just love red?


If you are squeamish you might want to stop here.

Mr.MW took a tumble this morning on mile five of his 20 mile run. When you run unlit trails, at 5:00 a.m., you are bound to get caught up on vines or uneven terrain occasionally. If you have the misfortune to snag both go learn to come home looking like this...




When he came home I asked him what he did when it happened...of course after many years of 
"running boo boo's" I already knew the answer, "I got up and kept running."...for fifteen more miles. I also told him I was doing a post on red and that he fit right in...what a sport.

Yes, he does have an ankle i.d. tag with his info on it and no, I don't know exactly where he is when he's on a trail. We are fortunate to be good friends with our local police chief so if he is ever too long in coming home he has told me to, "Call Tony, he'll find me.". It's what he loves...I think good thoughts and say my prayers...and I only go out to fetch him when lightning is involved.


Hope those of you with lots of snow...stay warm...and safe.

...a bit of red in my garden this Sunday morning to let you know Spring is coming.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Morning Robyn, such a warm monderful post on red, except for poor Mr. Ouch....sure hope he is on the mend.......I adore those little red shoes, love the red bowl to, great treasures....thanks for sharing, Blessings Francine.

  2. Robyn ~
    Love all the reds (except for Mr. MWs, of course), but that mended bowl is THE BEST. I just love the old repairs.
    Twenty miles! Yeah for hubby. I couldn't run 20 feet! Last week I fell walking the dog. A combination of uneven sidewalks and inattention.
    Happy Sunday to you!
    Hugs :)

  3. my favorite shoes are red. Happy valentines week!

  4. Hello, my Friend~
    How wonderful to come for a visit and to find your post on my favorite color RED!!! Perfect timing, surely!! Your sweet STILLS are just lovely, with the exception of poor Mr. MW's boo boos!!! What a trooper he is!!
    Thank you for a lovely post, as always!!
    Warm Hugs to you~~

  5. Hooray for the color red and you did a fantastic job of representing the color red right down to Mr MW boo boo. What a great sport he is to let you use his red wounds like that.
    I hope that he's a fast healer. It must have been very sore. That a long run. Your man must be fit as a fiddle.

    The storm is over and we are all OK and dug out. Have a wonderful week.

  6. I love all you choices of red, until you get to your hubby's boo boo, that one not so much. That had to hurt!

  7. Love your post on "reds". At the top of my list in favorite colors! Clifford the Big Red Dog, was one of my children's favorite reads...striking resemblance there....Blessings...Pam

  8. Hi Robyn, I fear Mr. MW might be a little sore in the morning! 20 miles is certainly impressive. I was so happy to see you have a lovely red flower blooming in your garden, I am adrift in a sea of white! All the lovely red items you shared with us are special, but the patched red wooden bowl is my favorite. Have a lovely evening, hugs Julie.

  9. I love all the red -- but not on Mr. MW!!!! Yikes! It's good he has his id bracelet and that the police chief is ready to help if needed. Mr. MW must be so healthy running so much! Wow! But that red on him -- ouch!

  10. Ouch that is not a good kind of red! The rest is fabulous.

  11. Love your reds. Your hubby is a trooper..Red and fifteen more!
    Woolie hugs