Friday, April 19, 2013


This wonderful...beautifully photographed book arrived in my mailbox yesterday. It's the latest Jill Peterson book...a collaboration with the talented James Cramer. 

It's full of gorgeous photos...

...and some fun inspiration.

A Simple Garden Journal contains the photography of the late Dean Johnson, taken at Seven Gates Farm. It's equally wonderful. 

Treat yourself to these very special books!


Here are a few shots of our front door garden...

My late mother-in-law brought this fox home to me, from Connecticut, years ago. She held him on her lap, on the plane, all the way to Florida!

This  circa1900 wagon use to come out at Christmas. A few years ago I decided we were going to enjoy it in the garden, for as long as it lasts. 

Love blue hydrangeas! My grandmother put iron nails in the ground to make hers turn blue. She had hydrangeas five feet high right here in Central Florida. I'll be happy if mine just survive! 

Love Lambs Ear!


Have not pulled a loop this week...instead I've been knitting this scarf for a friend. I love Noro yarn and  usually knit in the car when we travel. Aren't the colors pretty?'s all yummy!

Lastly...this homemaker has left the 1950's behind and re-entered the twenty-first century. This shiny new machine was installed yesterday. In truth, washing and drying dishes by hand is not half fact, it's relaxing and Zen-like. But...I do welcome this new machine. 

...and I have a couple of baskets of these awaiting my attention...clean, dry clothes. A new heating element did the trick, so my laundry room is humming with the sound of a repaired dryer.


Hope you all have a colorful Spring weekend...full of gardens, clean dishes and warm, dry clothes!
Stay safe!

Enjoy the day,


  1. I haven't gotten my books yet. Maybe on this rainy and dreary day they will be in my mail box!
    Glad everything is humming along now.

  2. I'm so glad you're all up and running again with appliances! :D Funny how we take things for granted until they stop working. Love all the pics of beautiful growing things. :D

  3. ...What a lovely post from beginning to end! :o)

    ...Congrat's on the new dishwasher! I really don't mind handwashing dishes either but have succumbed to the convenience of a dishwasher too. I do love it but at the same time I can still be found handwashing and drying dishes. You're right, it is zen-like. :o)

    ...Love your gardens and the book referral too! Seven Gates Farm is iconic when it comes to country living, decor, antiques, primitives, etc. Love it.

    ...Have a lovely weekend!

    ...Peace & blessings. :o)

  4. Oh I am so anxious to see the new book! Enjoyed your pictures and I'm sure you're enjoying your new appliances!

  5. Robyn ~
    I love blue hydrangeas, too, and every year I am going to bury something to make mine blue and every year I forget :(
    Sweet wagon. I am glad you are enjoying it daily.
    Hugs :)

  6. Hi Robyn, oh so waiting for Spring.....Beautiful pictures, can 't wait to buy flowers, Blessings Francine.

  7. Love the pretty. Thanks for sharing the bit about the nails turning hydrangeas blue. Will have to try that one. Love that red wagon too! Janice

  8. Your garden is beautiful...It's 28 degrees here this morning, but the sun is out so we can only pray spring comes soon.

  9. lovely photos!
    glad you got your dryer repaired,
    have a great weekend!