Friday, May 3, 2013

AWOL in Green Acres

My living room furniture has been out for reupholstering for two weeks. I took this time as an opportunity to really clean the room...and that big old twelve foot window. 

How can you not take advantage of a nearly empty room to give it a really thorough going over?

Love my Shark steamer...see how dirty my floors WERE...they are all shiny now.

The other member of my Shark team is my trusty's been busy! Stuff is piled up all's starting to drive me crazy! See the little green lantern? We've had such wicked rains we broke out the first line of back up lighting. Thankfully we didn't have to use them.

My floors are nice and clean, but not without a price. As a result of all that pushing my fun cleaning tools...and especially because of the raging changes in air pressure because of all the rain...I'm in an arthritis flare...the likes of which I have not felt in a few years. Something had to hooking and  the computer. I've been eating Aleve and drinking copious amounts of water..and resting my hands and this morning I'm hoping for a better day...

...because somebody has to deal with all this mess, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be me.

On the brighter side...

How's that for a strawberry?

And they tasted divine!

Have a great weekend!
Stay safe!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing arthritic pain Robyn, my husband's grandmother had arthritis and suffered very badly. I hope you have some relief very soon! I love it when I can do a real deep clean as well...always makes the room look and feel so much more inviting! Those strawberries look scrumptious!! Feel better soon, Tina

  2. Ouch. Hope you get relief soon. The strawberries brought in to PA have had bad spots on them all and the taste is less than desirable. Hope those beauties make it north!

  3. Whoa! Big strawberries! Sorry about your arthritis flairup. I hope it goes away soon. You did a great job with the cleaning though. I have to say, the empty room with just a few pieces has an appeal. I'm looking forward to seeing your living room furniture all reupholstered though. You have such wonderful taste! Feel better!

  4. I had all the furniture moved out of my house several years ago for a magazine photo shoot. The walls were painted, the floor refinished, windows cleaned, etc. I long to repeat the experience. However it was not to be. Hope you're feeling better. We're having wet and cool days after a tease of warm and sunny. Rest those hands, there will be hooking to be done!

  5. What a great opportunity to clean up the living room. It will look awesome all shiny and new.
    Wow!!! Either you have a very small hand or that strawberry is huge. I no longer can eat strawberries since I've developed a severe allergy to them.


  6. Hi Robyn,
    Oh how I love a clean room...and especially cleaning one that is half empty.
    I feel your pain...really I do. I feel the Arthr. flare up with all the rain we have had the last 2 days. Not fun at all.
    Hope you are feeling lots better.
    THOSE STRAWBERRIES...wowzer....a meal in one.

  7. Hope you are feeling better Robyn...loving that it is strawberry time! Been buying them too. Your room looks spic and span clean...can you come over and do my house now? ;0) Janice

  8. Sorry about the arthritis pain. Hope you are feeling better now.
    It's been a long time since I have emptied a room to repaint and clean. It can be an overwhelming task.