Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Laura Ashley & Statuary

This morning, Annie and I were looking through some photos from Mother's Days gone by. Annie loves to see herself when she was little, and we talk about what we remember about that day.

For a couple of years, I would make us matching Laura Ashley jumpers and buy matching Sam & Libby ballet shoes. Annie always enjoyed it, and my mother had done the same thing when my sister and I were little...the three of us all matching. (Do people do that any more?) We were enjoying our trip down Memory Lane.

Then...I ran across some other pictures that have me rethinking my "mothering skills".

My daughter, heavy in conversation with statuary...religious statuary. Love the expressions...but... looks like some sort of a trend.

The doctors told me to teach her sign language when she was an infant. I thought that was ridiculous, choosing instead to talk to her every waking moment so she would have a pattern to imitate. I talked to her nonstop..."These are your toes.", "This red apple is round."..."See how the sun is shining on the green grass.". Perhaps I overdid it.

I prefer to think she's just very friendly. And all that talking to paid off...she has excellent speech...but consequently, she never stops talking...just like her Mom didn't stop talking those many years ago. I believe it's called payback. It's just alarming to see it documented in photos...with statuary.

Enjoy the day,


  1. I think your trip down memory lane is precious with such a beautiful daughter. Love the photos with the statues. Even by herself, Annie will have the gift of never being lonely... At least that is what my Mom has always told this chatterbox, and I have to say that I think she was right! ;)

  2. I believe a lot of the older traditions are no longer followed and I do remember many mothers and daughters coming to church with the same dresses. We had a Mother's Day brunch after and the men of the church would cook and serve. Your photos are very special.

  3. How special to look and enjoy memories with pictures, you are such a loving and caring Mother to sweet Annie, Blessings Francine.

  4. Oh, how sweet and wonderful. You are, indeed, a precious, caring and loving MOTHER. I respect you so much. And...your darling daughter is your best gift.


  5. Such good pictures of good memories!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love Laura Ashley!! Love the pictures! You are such a good mother. All that talking paid off for sure.

  7. Love the photos and memories! Thanks so much for sharing! Didn't we all love Laura Ashley back in the day :) my mom sister and I all dressed alike for the holidays. I dressed my sons alike for as long as they would tolerate it :)
    Blessings, Patti

  8. *****lucky for the two of you that your daughters developmental years were early in your own life. interest in statuary of any sort is just the regular expression of an inquisitive child...down's or not. would you feel the same if it were one of the
    disney characters or is it because they are representative of the catholic faith?
    you have done a great job as a parent...don't second guess yourself...just look at
    your daughter for proof of this! happy mother's advance!