Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A long-winded post from the "Windy City"...

On Saturday, we began our journey to Chicago. We drove through

...in the rain

...slept here

...more rain

...and saw lots and lots of these.

Within ten minutes of our arrival, I was smitten. I love a big city...and this is one big city!

This is the wall behind the check-in desk. It is an entire wall...floor to ceiling...that shows what's going on outside, in front of the hotel. As we were waiting in line to check in, we watched the bellman call the valet to come park our car...you can see him in front of our black car next to the taxi. Annie was fascinated to see this gigantic "t.v. show" of her car!

Then...we were off to see some of Chicago.

We are staying right on Michigan Avenue, so we are in the heart of the Magnificent Mile. We were just walking along when all of a sudden this wonderful window display was in front of us.

I have read about Allsaints Spitalfields in magazines, and, of course, have seen these wonderfully displayed vintage sewing machines in pictures, but when I turned and saw these windows right there in front of me...well, my heart skipped a few beats. 

The industrial pieces in this shop are nothing short of magnificent. 

This display is so massive I could not do it justice.

The clothes are not quite my style, and the prices are beyond my purse, but this store is a jewel and worth a walkthrough. 

You gotta love a man secure enough to carry your purse. It was digging a hole in my shoulder and he insisted on carrying it for me. 
It does not matter where we go, or how many stars a hotel has, my husband dresses for comfort...shorts,  running shoes and baseball cap....and, in this case, a purse. Annie thought it was hilarious!

So far, Chicago is an impressive city. 

It is clean...with lovely seasonal arrangements on the street...at least on this famous street. And there is a strong police presence...they are on bikes...which makes us feel a bit safer...always important in a big city. The bus system looks to be very efficient, and they have water taxis, which I can't wait to ride. 

After taking this pic, I turned and was face to face with Bill Daley...just walking down the avenue like the rest of us. Imagine coming to Chicago and seeing a Daley up close!

Hmmm...now where?

More adventures to come...

Hope you are all having a great week!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Ah, your husband and mine would go well together. Mine doesn't mind carrying my purse, or using a Vera Bradley bag as his carryall on a trip on a plane either. lol! I've been to the All Saints store in Boston -- absolutely went nuts over their window! I wonder where they get all their sewing machines. I didn't bother going inside though. Hope you all have fun in Chicago! I've only ever been to the airport. lol!

  2. I think the purse goes very well with thoughtful husband's attire. Hope you continue to have fun exploring.

  3. Hi Robyn, I'm always happy when you share your trip. They are always interesting to a chair dweller like me. I'm in awe of that wall of antique sewing machines. I never heard of it before today. I've never been to Chicago. I'm looking forward to more pictures. Your husband is a rare treasure and I love that Annie.

    I hope that you are enjoying the first week of October. Thanks for sharing your trips with us.


  4. I am oh so glad that you are enjoying my sweet hometown! :) I walk past that store several times a week - enjoying the outside windows, but never going inside. Now I'm thinking I must take a look :) Hope you get to see our mounted police as well, I frequently hear them clip-clopping down Michigan Avenue.
    Be sure to wave when you walk past the Wrigley Building!
    Enjoy! Blessings, Patti

  5. Love that sewing machine display and so many other great pictures.
    Don't miss the "Bean". I absolutely loved it and I bet Annie will, too!
    Hugs :)

  6. Sounds like a great adventure enjoy!

  7. sounds like this will a wonderful adventure for all.....