Wednesday, October 16, 2013

...less is more

October is moving right along and...I have a confession to make. I have not pulled any boxes from the attic...a lot of the usual Halloween goodies have not made an appearance this year.

Of course, Mrs. Begg is here...she lives in the hall closet, so it was easy enough to convince her to come sit for a spell in the living room.

The other Mrs. Begg is visiting as well. 

And the newly acquired witch noisemaker is quite comfortable nestled in the bittersweet on the bookcase.

A big road trip, holiday sewing and hooking goods for my friend's shop, life in general...I turned around and October was nearly spent.

My confession...I don't miss all the "stuff".. Of course, the pieces that are stored in the nooks and crannies of the house are out, and we have been enjoying them all month. The ceramic pumpkin that Annie's grandmother bought her when she was four...out and lit every evening. My favorites from some very talented folk artists...out and making us smile every day. What on earth is in all those boxes in the attic?

Less than usual...but more than enough.

Annie and I put up our spiders yesterday.

These rubbery lovelies stick to the glass. At night, when the porch light is on, their silhouettes are reflected on the walls in the entry way and it looks like spiders are crawling the walls. Very fun!


And we found some witches flying past the bathroom window!

... a pumpkin here and there

...a few favorites

Less is more...wise words, indeed.


Dad is on the job! Filling the feeder for our many feathered friends.  

Do you like his outfit? On the days he does not run...Monday, Wednesday and Friday...he lifts the backyard. Yes, I have a weight bench in my backyard! It's situated so it's out of view from the house. What can I say? It keeps him happy and healthy! I think he's in pretty good shape for a guy in his mid fifties. The outfit is mosquito defense...he wears it Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall. Look how nicely he goes with the chairs and pillows!

Hope you are having a wonderful October week!

Enjoy the day,

Norma Schneeman cat (Norma directed me to the wonderful antique store American Harvest in Paducah...thanks, Norma!)

Mrs. Begg ... Kim Bour & Mona Holland


  1. Great post Robyn.
    Love the pillows on the bright red chairs !
    I like the concept "less is more".
    We like the word "enough" at our house. ;)
    Your decorations are lovely and festive.

  2. Hi Robyn.....Happy Fall to you and family! I loved your photos today, though I usually do anyway! My mom always let me decorate the windows during the holidays and so your images sure brought back some sweet memories. The cats are awesome and I have forgotten to tell you how very much I love the decoratively designed betty lamp near your it an old one? Thanks for sharing a bit of your Fall with us! Donna

    1. Hello, Donna...thanks for visiting and your kind words. Yes, the betty lamp is early. I bought it because of the birds...a total of four, two on each lamp. I am very fond of bird motifs. It came from Pennsylvania and is in very good condition.
      Hope you will visit often.
      Have a great day,

  3. I just love coming by your house and look at your decor. You always have something very special to show us.
    You are right that less is more.
    I usually don't decorate because of lack of time or go overboard in a mad rush to decorate.
    All I have so far are two big potted mums out by the front door. One I bought and the other was given to my husband by a local nursery.

    I can't believe that October is over half gone.

  4. Morning Robyn, everything looks prim perfect, love all the black cats you have.......Blessings Francine.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I haven't put out any Halloween decorations this year - the first time in 28 years... I've been feeling bad, but have been too busy. Think I will just put out a few favorite Thanksgiving decorations now and will enjoy...
    Blessings, Patti

  6. Well it all looks wonderful Robyn! And Mr. Mugwump is so color coordinated to your outdoor decor! lol Thanks for a fun post today. Hugs, Lori

  7. I agree, less is more. Beautiful decorating as always. Your DH is so good to be in good shape and all. Love his outfit!

  8. Such lovely holiday goodies...all splendidly crafted, and perfectly placed...well done indeed!
    Wishing you the joys and magic of Autumn ...

  9. Wonderful Fall Decorating.
    I love the spiders. Such fun.
    Woolie Fall Blessings

  10. What you have out is very the spiders. I think I am saving all my decorating energy on least that is what I tell the hubs.
    blessings, jill

  11. I agree, less is more. Love what you have out! I like the witches in the window.

  12. Love the simplicity of your displays..less is BEST! Janice

  13. Morning Robyn,
    I like how you me kind of - I didn't pull any Halloween out this year - I didn't think I had the room for it so why try and fit it in - I really like my Bittersweet/Pumpkins/Gourds and call it done!
    I love the simplicity of your decorating but yet it makes a nice clean Fall statement.

  14. love mrs. begg, and mrs. begg! and all your friends!
    don't know how he pumps iron with the bugs hovering around, those i don't miss when summer ends.
    but i wondered does his outfit signal food to your feathered friends? stylish of course! teasing!
    good for him, a kind heart to take care of the little feathered friends!

  15. Robyn-Was you ever on my mind today. I emailed you before about your Shooner collection and today I went to an open house given by friends of mine that I used to work for-they had a fabulous Folk Art shop-they had some Shooner pieces to DIE for. I asked her if she would do shipping on them and she said yes. She said she could send you pictures of some of the items. If you are interested you can email me and I will get the info to you. Of course I HAD to come home with 3 new pieces! Happiness, Jo Ann