Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Kitchen Window

February...a month for cherubs, chocolates, roses, sweet sentiments...and lots and lots of red! Hanging in my window this month is a Mugwump Woolies small red and black striped heart, mounted on an old brown checked quilt piece, in a combed frame. Squiggly lines...stripes...and it! 

I've added a hanging wrought iron light this month. And, the tiny seed lights are now a favorite.

I have always loved this sweet girl...Polly Put the Kettle Debbee Thibault. Wearing a lovely red frock she's dressed perfectly for the month of St. Valentine's Day.

Just a few wool hearts nestled in a box draped in twinkly lights.

Picked up a wonderful button fern heart topiary in Tallahassee yesterday. Our annual trip to our state capital always includes a visit to the Tallahassee Nursery. It was in full bloom with so many wonderful flowers and plants! I always wish I had more room in the car when we stop there!

Hope to be back later in the week with a few more bits of red.  

Enjoy the day,


  1. Your February window looks positively romantic. It so warm and inviting.
    Have a great week.

  2. Lovely as usual!! I am just a wee bit envious you got to visit a nursery in full bloom in Jnauary. What a treat! Looking forward to seeing more of my favorite color!

  3. Oh Robyn, what a wonderful window. Red is a neutral in my house. Love
    the box of hearts idea. I have been a widow (yukky word) for 8 years and
    have not done much with hearts since but this year I decided to make woolie
    valentines for all of my single and widowed friends. It always helps to forget
    your own pain when you do something for others. Wish I'd thought of it
    sooner. Julia

  4. Morning Robyn, love is in the air!!! I am loving yet another of your wonderful window vignettes. The red pops, sweet fairy lights are very cheerful on these still dark winter days. Blessings Francine.

  5. Hi Robyn,
    Yes, red, red, and more red!!! I love it all!!!
    Red Heart Hugs~

  6. Your window is perfect as always. LOVE that Debbee Thibault doll.
    Hugs from snow-stormy Ohio :)

  7. Love it......February and Valentine's Day perfection!!!

  8. Polly is fabulous. Love your iron light and all that you've shown.

  9. Lovely display. Happy February!

  10. Heartfelt display with lovely red eye candy!

  11. ...Your window is just lovely Miss Mugwump! I especially love Polly - what a dear! :o)

    ...Enjoy your Sunday!

    ...Peace & blessings. :o)

    "Hello Annie!" [waving]

  12. Your window is lovely as always.
    I love red all year round.

  13. Hi Robyn...very festive window decor...I love Miss Polly, the tiny seed lights...and of course the color red...Sending greetings from cold snowy Maine...Hugs for Annie...

  14. A perfect window for February! Love it all!

  15. What a delightful vignette! The twinkle lights add so much ambience!

  16. I am a little late commenting... We all have been down with the dreaded cough and runny nose. I just wasn't feeling up to doing much. My visit to your February Red Window has surely been uplifting. It is wonderful and I love all your new lights ... they are simply magical.

    Peace to all, Hi to Annie too,

  17. I look forward to your windows each month...they never fail to inspire.

  18. Red is perfect for a February window. Love your touches of hearts..especially those in the box with lights. Janice