Monday, December 19, 2011

Day Seven

 Shooner redware is one of my favorite things. This tiny Belsnickle is on the shelf in my kitchen, next to my father's baby cup. This shelf holds several small Shooner plates and a few small Belsnickles.

 I love this fraktur angel and would like to hook him some day. These santas are small... only three to four inches tall.


                    If like me, you are a drinker of those fancy Christmas coffees, but are not a fan of the high cost and even higher calorie's a little treat.....................

 This is what I've been using for fuel lately. The coconut milk eggnog is not as thick and creamy as usual stuff...but it has a lot fewer calories and zero! I put it in my morning coffee and throw in two of the peppermint taffies and I'm good to go. It is so yummy! I'm hooked and have started hoarding the nog because it is a seasonal item. Now that crunch time is here I'll be downing this stuff all day!

                                                         Enjoy the day,

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