Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day Two

A few random shots around the living room today. Like many of you, I collect stone fruit. The colors are so gorgeous...especially in candle light. One of the best deals I ever got was three pieces for a dollar each...don't you love it when that happens!
  This little fellow came from Germany and is in very good condition. My heritage is Pennsylvania German and I am always happy when I find a candy container I can actually afford.        
We are book people. A few years ago we had bookcases built in the living room because we had books stacked everywhere. I still have several shelves to display goodies but the books seem to be multiplying.

Around the same time, I slipcovered my wing chairs and couch in white duck. I wanted a less formal look and I knew I couldn't just start over...I brought the look "down" with slip covers, a simple linen swag curtain, and stoneware lamps. At Christmas time I bring out the red wool blankets I've collected for years...just can't get enough of that red!

See the tree? Still not completely decorated...a work in progress.


                                                               Enjoy the day,

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