Monday, December 12, 2011

Much to do...

The tree is up...but not decorated. I have not even begun to wrap...probably because I'm not finished with the gift list. Most years Christmas is easy...I'm organized and not stressed out and crazy. This year is not one of them! I'm not checking things off my to do list as readily as usual, and I feel panic laying wait in the  corner...just waiting to pounce. 

But, I lost a friend this week...after a valiant, five year battle with an overwhelming opponent...breast cancer. So...what gets done will have to do, and what doesn't get done...just doesn't.

This morning I will tackle the immense pile of laundry I can see from here...mounds generated from our recent trip out of town...and I will do so with great joy. Joy, because I have a family that needs me... because I can see my lovely red geraniums on the patio as I fold towels...because Christmas is coming...ready or not.

First, I will light a bayberry candle for my friend.

Enjoy the day,

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