Monday, January 9, 2012

American folk art in New Orleans


Last year I went to New Orleans with my family. It was my first trip to this great Southern city and there was a lot to see...and eat!  One of my favorite places was a small gallery in The French Quarter...the Hemmerling Gallery of Southern Art. The sign above hangs outside  and can be seen from down the street...when I spied it, I couldn't get there fast enough. The gallery is filled with wonderful paintings from many different folk artists. It's a fun place, full of bright colors and talent.

 Bill Hemmerling was an untrained folk artist who painted what he loved. His paintings of "Sweet Olive" stole my heart.

                        Meet "Sweet Olive" of Bill's favorite subjects...

                            Lots of RED in this wonderful place...and green too!

                     So if you ever find yourself in New Orleans, go here..

for one of these,

                                                   listen to a little of this...

maybe even do a bit of this..

 ...stop by to say hello to Mr. Jackson
                         a little window shopping...

...and before you go home...stop in here to say hello to Sweet'll be glad you did!

I'd like to thank Lauren over at Rugs and Pugs for mentioning me on her blog...I didn't see a pug painting in this great gallery...but I did see this little guy...also by Bill...what a great work...see the chairs made of buttons? Thanks so much, Lauren:)

 Enjoy the day,

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  1. Robyn ~
    I absolutely LOVE Bill's style! What fun.
    Glad I could help a fellow hooker!!!
    Pug hugs :)