Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We are in Tallahassee for a few days. We come up once a year and I look forward to it all year. Tallahassee is, of course, the capital of Florida...and home to Florida State University. It is an old Southern city...part of the real old South. It is said that you have to go north in Florida to get to the South...and that is so very true.
 Because of the mild winter weather this year, many of the flowers and trees are already in bloom. The photo above...taken from a moving car...shows azaleas blooming in a city park. The beautiful live oak in the background is draped with Spanish Moss.

This is a photo of the old Capitol building...again taken from the car and of very poor quality. However, the best part of the the candy striped awnings and here you can see them very well. How cool is that? I will try to get a better photo for you...I'll post more about this great city tomorrow.

Go 'Noles!!!

Enjoy the evening,