Friday, January 20, 2012


White tulips...after red, they're my favorite. I love my tulips and when they are available I can't leave the market without a bunch.

This is my "nest"...the place where I spend most of my down time. This is where I blog, read all of you, watch t.v., knit...command central for me. I'm on the left...Mr Mugwump's on the right. This is the sunroom that is always bright and cheery with sunshine.

These...these are the chaise lounges from hell! I ordered these lounges...a left arm and a right arm...with the intention of pushing them together to make a comfy, cuddly space for our family...the three of us.
We ordered them and the chaises arrived very quickly...nine months later the slipcovers arrived. Who would have thought I grew a human being in less amount of time than it took a retail chain to sew together a pair of slipcovers that actually matched? Yep, nine months...that's how long it took. (my daughter was a preemie...eight months). My blood pressure is rising as I recall this ordeal...set after set delivered and returned because nothing matched. They drew lots in Customer Service, somewhere in Ohio, to see who could withstand the rants of...what I am sure they called me.."that crazy woman down in Florida" again. They sent me a mismatched pair "free of charge" after I told them I could not look at "naked" chaises anymore. Finally, they made a "custom" set...all the fabric off one bolt instead of all rights off one, and all lefts off a different bolt...the origin of the problem..duh!
The regional manager told me that corporate changed their whole system of making slipcovers because of my "input"...I'll bet they did. I taught junior high my first year out of college...nuf said?

Whew...anyway, we do enjoy them...they are comfy. Next time...I'll be going to Pottery Barn.

Enjoy the day,


  1. Robyn, I love the lounge chairs - and so sorry to hear they were naked for so long! I hope you didn't get them at Arhaus Furniture. My couch looks similar to your chairs and I LOVE Arhaus Furniture. I've only had 1 problem with them - the delivered our table without any legs! I got the 6 chairs and the table top but not legs - hmm...did they not see the problem? ~Ann

  2. I can just picture you in the classroom!! Great stuff...and a great sofa set! I love the tulips in the pewter. Very soothing!

  3. Your home looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. What an inviting space you've created....I love your nest! Robin

  5. Gosh what an ordeal but it's lovely now. Love all the light you get in that room

    Thanks for stopping by,