Friday, January 27, 2012

Thomasville, Georgia blue chair

Today my daughter and I drove to Thomasville, Georgia...a wonderful town forty two miles north of Tallahassee. At one time, Thomasville was a vacation destination for well to do Northerners. These part time residents built large Victorian estates in town, and plantation homes outside of town. Many of these old Victorians are now bed and breakfast inns, while the plantations have been turned into hunting lodges.
The town retains it's small town charm and it's main street is busy, in a slow Southern way. We come here every January. The best little store in town is eclectic mix of Southern antiques and new goodies you are not likely to see in any chain store.
Donwstairs...the antique pieces are used for displaying all sorts of wonders for sale. will find true early Southern pieces, many from the plantations in the area.
Enjoy a stroll through Firefly...built from red Georgia clay bricks in the 1880's...the heart pine floors are wonderful! green plantation desk

...heart pine step back cupboard
...gorgeous  inlay hutch dated 1818

...with initials

...oyster white table
Think I can strap this to the roof of the car?

...scalloped hutch

Now upstairs for a look at some Southern high country pieces...

blue table table

...gorgeous blue desk trunk

...the very best huntboard
When I see a piece like this it reminds me of pieces in Mary Emmerling's book Country South...this is a very Southern piece from a plantation and was called "Grandaddy" by the family that owned it for generations.

This little guy came home with us...he's the only thing we could, he's not real, but he sure looks like he is...doesn't he?

Enjoy the evening,


  1. Robyn ~
    Thanks for the tour of Firefly. There sure were some wonderful antiques there!
    The squirrel is a hoot.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Were you really able to leave that store without buying anything?!! It looks like a wonderful place full of gorgeous antiques...

  3. What a beautiful shop Robyn!! It would be hard not to say, "I would like one of each, please!"
    Your little squirrel is adorable!! I actually thought he was real at first!!!
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!!