Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, George!

I miss the days when George had a special day all his own. As a student of history, I know George was our first president...and, for the most part, did a good job. As a Virginian myself, there are parts of my state's history that trouble me greatly. That said, Mount Vernon is a wonderful place to visit. Within the last decade, a museum was added to the property and it is spectacular...George's teeth are there!

When people tell me they are going to D.C., I always recommend they go to two places that are often over looked...Ford's Theater and Mount Vernon. I am sure the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument are top spots for visitors to D.C....and they are magnificent...but Ford's Theater and Mount Vernon...these two great men actually walked these sites...and died there as well. They are history!

The silhouette above, along with it's mate Martha, was a wedding present to my parents. They have hung in every house my parents owned...and now hang in mine. I've added a few to the group as well.

And for those of you who have never been there...a few photos of George and Martha's place on the Potomac.

Annie's companion, Clancy, has been with her for twenty one of her 25 years...he goes everywhere she goes!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Enjoy the day,


  1. Love your pictures! My plans for today is visit Mount Vernon. On Saturday, I was in Ferry Farm(GW Boyhood home)here in Fredericksburg, they have activities to celebrate his birthday including B'cake, Contests, Crafts, etc. We had a great time with my kids there.

  2. Wonderful photos, i love your header photo. I would love to go to Mount Vernon! One of thwese days for sure!

  3. ...Gorgeous photos & gorgeous family! ;o) And seriously, I adore that little white house with the three dormers on the roof in photo #8. *swoons*

    ...You have a lovely collection of silhouettes, I too love those but sadly haven't even began to collect 'em. Someday. :o)

    ...I'm hoping sometime in the near future for us to vacation that way where we can visit Ford's Theater and Mount Vernon. I am a huge history buff so that would be the ideal vacay for me. :o)

    ...Btw, your blog header is beautiful! Is that your own design? Lovely choice of colors too.

    ...Thank you for sharing & enjoy your day!

    ...Blessings :o)

    1. Hi tj,
      This pattern is from Black Sheep Wool Designs and is called 1849 Coverlet Eagle.
      Thanks for coming by and enjoy your evening,

  4. Mount Vernon looks beautiful - oh how I'd love to visit some day - but Ford's theatre would be top on my list. I'm going to have to find a traveling partner because hubby just isn't a traveling kind of guy unfortunately. Your silhouettes are wonderful. I have a few, but no Georges or Marthas.... And I spy another delightful little shoe. I wanna come shopping at your house!! ;o) Wishing you a week filled with blessings....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Your silhouettes are wonderful! Yes, those of us in the know know today is Washington's birthday and last week was Lincoln's. lol! I've never been to Mount Vernon. Maybe someday I will make it there. I'd love to.

  6. HI Robyn - I too, enjoy your beautiful pictures - I'd love to visit Mt. Vernon some day, but that's a LONG way from Utah! LOL

    You left a comment on my blog, but I didn't receive an email. Just wanted to let you know that it isn't TOO hard to stamp the letters on the spoons, but it helps to work on a metal surface - or on concrete.

  7. Robyn ~
    What a sweet picture of Annie and her dad, I presume :)
    LOVE your silhouettes!!! I'm jealous. I have not a one.
    Pug hugs :)