Saturday, February 4, 2012

...a wee bit of progress

I have been trying to hook a bit every day in an effort to complete this rug. Can you see the ripples? I am what is known as a packer...I hook very tightly. I try and try to "loosen things up", but to no avail.

Did manage to get the background around a few letters completed...and I hooked our last name, but will have to re-hook it as it is lost in the grass. Also, completed the tulips on the left.

This is a large rug about 40x30...for's getting heavy!

Sooooo...I'm planning on hooking this weekend....a few hours...during the game.

Thank you all for the encouraging really has helped me to keep pulling loops.

Enjoy the day...and the big game,


  1. Hi Robyn,
    Rug hooking is something I really want to learn so I appreciate seeing your progress! The colors are just wonderful and it will be stunning when you complete it!! Enjoy the game and happy hooking!!

  2. LOoks beautiful hooked like that ~ it's funny how we all have different 'hands' when stitching or hooking ~ love how this looks & can't wait for the finish!

  3. Robyn, The rug is progressing beautifully! I empathize with your "ripples" as I, too am a "packer." If you find a cure please let me know ;)

  4. Robyn,
    Well your rug is looking just fantabulous!! I invested in a Eurosteam iron and oh my does it do the job and so easy. You might want to consider getting one. They are expensive but I found it the cheapest on QVC. I think it would take care of your ripples! And BTW I just love your dolly with her new/old dress! Just can't get enough of seeing her!! Hugs, Lori

  5. It is sooooo gorgeous! Just think how happy you'll be when it's done. I love it so much -- it looks much more done than before to me!

  6. That is such a wonderful pattern and I love the colors you're using for it - the alphabet is so fun cuz it wanders across the surface of the entire rug! You're making great progress!

  7. ...Me too! I'm a packer. As much as I try not to be and it doesn't matter what I'm working on, I'll pack those lil' loops in there. lol... ;o)

    ...That is one gorgeous rug! Your color choices are phenomenal and it is a nice large size too.

    ...Happy Hooking! :o)


  8. that's beautiful! love the colors!

  9. Robin ~
    Your rug is absolutely gorgeous!
    I am not a packer, but my rugs still need a serious steaming (or two) upon completion.
    Hugs :)

  10. Just found your blog - love it! I was a packer when I started - took me a while to "loosen up" but it comes with time. When you steam/block your rug - just put a wet towel under the rug and atop the rug too and that should help with the ripples while you steam. Love your colors in this rug!

  11. I love the yellow house!! And your yellow front door.

  12. Yet another thing we have in common - I too hook WAY too tight....I was actually a better when I first started hooking than I am now I think - and it's one reason that my Welcome Cats rug remains exactly as unfinished as it was a year ago. When I don't like how I'm doing, I pick up my needle and thread or punch instead....But, as soon as this term is over, I'm vowing get it back on the frame and work it - one way or another. I think your rug is gorgeous - wonderful rich and folky colors. And LOVE that rug in the header!! ;o) Robin

  13. Hi, Robin,
    I am a new finder and follower of your blog. I just love how your house rug is coming along. I have the same rug which was hooked by a friend of mine and I traded two reproduction samplers to her for the rug. Although I love the rug, I like your antique colors so much better!