Friday, February 24, 2012

Help wanted

Remember this?

I've been having trouble getting our name to show up. Last night I jumped up and did this...a technique I learned at a workshop several years ago. What do you think? Too funky?

...making a little progress...

...spending some time here today...

Enjoy the day,

1849 Coverlet Eagle


  1. I think it's gorgeous! I just love your work! Love your hooking area too.

  2. Oh my godness, That rug is going to be so beautiful ! What you have so far is amazing...But...I am nobody to say, except if you aren't quite sure about the look of the name in the process you used there, how about if you just did the name in the red and outlined the lettering in te brighter gold ??? I think it's great the way it is, but I know if I'm not really sure, like 100% sure, maybe it's best to consider some other way for my peace of mind...
    y way of saying I'm just a chicken when I try new

  3. It is a beautiful rug! The technique you used for the letters really makes them stand out....
    Your rug hooking area is lovely! Looks very cozy and relaxing.... Can't wait to see the rug all finished up -- I know it will be fabulous!

  4. ...What do YOU think Miss Mugwump? :o) When it comes to putting your signature on hooked items I think it's whatever and however you wish to portray yourself. Do you want it to be subtle to where say, 100 years from now someone will have to search for the maker's mark or do you want it to be seen from a distance? The choice is yours.

    ...Personally, I like either way. I'ma lotta help, aren't I? *giggle* ;o)

    ...LOVE your hooking area! AND your hooking frame - nice!

    ...Have a great weekend!

    ...Blessings :o)

  5. Oh, I can't wait to see your rug finished - it's beautiful. I think I'll just "drop" by to sit with you next to the window and rug hook! May I ask where you found your rosemary topiary tree on the mantle? I've been searching for one and coming up empty handed. Thanks! ~Ann

  6. Ahhh...the ol' beading technique....I love beading. You asked for our (presumably honest) opinions.....It's hard for me to say as I usually have to see the "big" (i.e., "whole" picture - and see it in all the alternatives before making my mind up about which I like best) - but, I'll throw out my 1 cent opinion anyway (definitely not worth 2 cents): I really kind of like the beading - yes, a wee bit "funky," but you're talking to a girl who likes a bit of funk in her world - and the colors work amazingly well. However, if it were me, personally, I might opt for something a wee less busy. (Cuz I'm chicken that way, and that's probably while I love others' works so much better than my own!) - Anyway, I probably would have hooked the letters first, then pulled the lightest values of your background to put next to the letters and then the very darkest background values next to the light to make the letters pop.....But like I said, I'm kind of boring that way..... Sorry I'm not more help. Hope the day's been good to you. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Robyn, I really love your mustard house!!!

  8. Robyn, are you aware that you have the nasty word verification on your blog! Blogger has made it so difficult, they now have two words which are nearly unreadable and so hard to post a comment.

  9. Robyn ~
    I can't wait to see the finished rug and I am in LOVE with your hooking corner! Your home is to-die-for gorgeous.
    Hugs from Ohio :)
    {Word verification is still there.}

  10. Hi, Robyn,
    Checking to see if the word thingy is gone. Also, love the hooked rug in your header. Is that your design? I think the thing is gone... Melinda

  11. Replies
    1. YAHOO!!! Thanks so much for your help, Melinda. The rug on my header is from Black Sheep Wool Designs and is called 1849 Coverlet Eagle. This was a rug I chose for a workshop with Jeanne Benjamin from Massachusetts. The body was hooked with a wonderful plaid and the little red stripes just popped out of the plaid. In person, the reds match...they look a little off on my monitor.

      My husband and I saw a bald eagle today, flying right over our house! They nest here in our neighborhood and we are lucky enough to see them quite often.

      Thanks again...enjoy the evening.

  12. Robyn - love your rug and that house! Your hooking area is great too! On the beading - that has to be your decision - I've used it now and then but never tried for lettering! Maybe wait a bit and look at it again and then decide if it's a go for you or not!