Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer sheep & Halloween

I'll be primping up the homestead for Summer this week. Have you ever seen watermelon gum balls?

Gum balls in lots of happy colors.

Thank you, friends, for the lovely comments you left on my last post. Having a child with Down Syndrome is an adventure I never expected, but it's a great journey. The kiddo was thrilled to see her photos on Mommy's blog, and Mommy was thrilled to hear such kind words from all of you. I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did mine. 

Dropped Sweet Allegiance, Sam and Honora off in Dade City on Saturday. I think I am feeling a bit of empty nest anxiety. Hope they find good for the big fun...Halloween!

Enjoy the day,

***Antiques on Main, Dade City, Florida***
Summertime Open House
Saturday May 19th


  1. I love the sheepies in the gum balls! I'm sure your patriotic dolls will find good and happy homes -- they're so wonderful!

  2. Watermelon gum balls sounds interesting and looks too beautiful to chew. I love the sheep and those glass jars.
    Your prim dolls will soon happily be in company of more prim dolls I think.

    I'm glad that your daughter was happy to see her picture on your blog and I was also happy to meet the both of you.
    Have a safe and happy week. Hugs. JB

  3. Love your gumball jars!! I bet your dolls will find a great home!!

  4. Every time I visit you, I spend an inordinate amount of time compared to words and photos posted....You, my dear Girlfriend, exude quality over quantity....I don't even know where to begin....That header with those amazing canning crocks? The awesome calligraphy/fraktur piece behind it? Your adorable Putz? could you part with those three amazing dolls? Sigh....BIG sigh.... Wishing you a week filled with blessings and joys....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Really - watermelon gum balls??? Tell me it ain't so!!!) :o (PS - Can't WAIT to see how you do Halloween - it is my favorite holiday!! And, yup, I love lily of the valley too - so much so I had it for our wedding - unfortunately, that year we had an early spring and they were done by the time of our wedding, so I ended up importing them...Yikes.....)

  5. Good Morning!
    Oh I love your dolls. Super cool. I would be missing them too.
    And watermelon gum balls. Oh my I need some of those. Super Duper Cool.

  6. Hi, Robyn~
    love the gumballs so creative~The crew is so precious~ I am sure they will find homes~ I myself would love to have them in my home~ just a wonderful job with them~

  7. ...Oh my, I just love Sweet Allegiance! Lovely work! :o)

    ...I love your whimsical juxtaposition of the sheep with the gumballs. I love sheep and I love gumballs and put the two together and what a glorious pair! ;o)

    ...And girl, you are so on the ball. Here you are already with the patriotic decor and now talking 'bout Halloween. Just what kind of vitamins do you take? Do tell. *giggle*

    ...Blessings :o)

  8. Robyn,
    Your posts are always a pleasure to read and see! And your dolls are so neat, I don't know how you can part with them either. I hope they find very good homes. I am sure they will. They look so good together. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Lori