Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Annie's Tree

Just a quick post. Annie wanted you all to see a bit of her owl tree.

December has been trying my patience. I lost a few days to a wicked bug. Annie was my nurse and kept me well hydrated...complete with pink straws.

Over the last few weeks we've had visits from the plumber, the electrician and a red Elf that likes to sit on the Shelf.

Early one morning the rod in the closet fell down. I need to get rid of about three fourths of what is in there...a lesson I learned when I had to pick it all up off the floor. 

The Christmas Tree is a fire hazard. We've never had a tree dry out so fast. I've had to pull the shades down to keep even indirect sun off of it. Annie said we need to buy a new one. I told her this one isn't even decorated yet. Still missing a box of ornaments. Yikes!

And...we are traveling soon. Setting the alarm, turning off the water and hitting the road. Unfortunately we are going south...because it's not hot enough here!!! 

But...after all the silly inconveniences life throws at us...and they are silly...and trivial...I am grateful.

Grateful I live with power and plumbing...even when they get temperamental.  Grateful I have clothing. Grateful I have water to drink...with a pink straw. Grateful that my daughter is healthy and that her heart defects don't keep her from taking care of Mom...and hunting down a red elf every day.

So much of the world lives without these things...shelter, clothing, medical care..even water.

How lucky I am...and how very grateful. 

Enjoy the day,


  1. Afternoon Robyn, sorry to hear you were sick, but what a sweet nurse you had.......I love Annie's tree, so cute with the owls......Enjoy your trip, no worries, Francine.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better and will soon be hitting the road.
    Annie's tree is so sweet.
    Safe travels!
    Hugs :)

  3. Hope you are feeling better! I like Annie's tree. I bet she was a good care taker when you weren't feeling well.

  4. Annie~your owl tree is lovely, I have been patiently waiting to see a photo of it...love the pinecone lights too...Hope your mom is feeling well soon, you have been a great help to her...Safe travels...Greetings from Maine, Julie

  5. Annie your tree is just the best. It reminds me a tiny bit of mine, which is all woodland animals, owl included. One time I was in my front yard and heard some racket just above my head. In our big pine a Great Horned Owl was staring down at me. My heart jumped. I couldn't believe how big he was.....then he lifted him self off the branch and swooped by me and glided quietly away. So your tree reminds me of that special day.
    All the best
    and Merry Christmas

  6. Annie's tree is a hoot! Glad you are feeling better and have fun on your trip. Janice

  7. Amen, Robyn. You're so right. Whenever the little things get to us, it's always good to step back and remember how lucky we are. I love the owl tree! Your tree sounds like ours one year. It was really weird -- we cut it down, but it was shedding even when we dragged it in the house. And it dried out sooooo quickly! We never could figure that one out. Safe travels on your trip!

  8. Hi Robyn and Annie,
    I just love your tree Annie, and think it is just wonderful what a great nurse you are....especially using pink straws, my two granddaughter's favorite color!! I know it helped your mom feel better!!
    I so appreciate your post Robyn, and certainly can relate! Thank you for the wonderful reminder to be grateful.....it helps make all the difference!!
    Enjoy your trip and may it be filled with lovely surprises and blessings!
    Sending Smiles and Hugs to you both~~

  9. Annie, your owl tree is really fantastic. It looks so beautiful and I like owls. I have two owl pictures on the wall at the head of my bed.

    I find that they cut the trees so early now a days because people decorate earlier every year and the trees dry out. I bought an artificial for safety and convenience even though I love a freshly cut Christmas tree.

    Lucky you and your family going away to where it's warm. It's cold and snowy here. I feel bad about all the unpleasant things that seems to happen in threes. Enjoy your Holidays.

  10. Loving Annie's Owl Tree. I bet it is great fun to hunt down "owl ornaments" throughout the year. Hoping your health is on the mend.
    Enjoy your trip !

  11. that is a wonderful, unique tree!
    so glad you've had a kind tender hearted nurse!
    hope you feel better,
    and that all the mishaps don't take away your Christmas joy!
    I never knew trees were harvested early in Nov., but saw it on tv this year.
    no wonder some dry out so fast. have a care with yours!
    closet rods pick the most inopportune times to grab our notice.
    hugs on the journey!

  12. Hey Robyn,
    I hope things smooth out and get easier soon and that you are feeling better. Annie's tree is amazing.
    Safe travels my friend.

  13. Morning
    We do have so much.
    I too am grateful.
    I love Annie's Owl tree.
    Hoot Hoot!
    Woolie Hugs

  14. Hi Robyn,
    Annie's tree is beautiful!!
    I Hope you are feeling good and have a wonderful day.
    Enjoy your trip!
    Sending you and Annie big hugs!

  15. Annie & Robyn,
    I love your owl tree Annie! Thank you for sharing the picture with us. I hope you are feeling right as rain Robyn. No fun to get a bug any time but especially this time of year. I'm glad you have your sweet nurse Annie to take such good care of you and give you pink straws. Hugs, Lori